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iphone x camera back silver review

Future iPhones may include a laser-powered, 3D-sensing rear camera to augment AR

Apple may be working on a new laser-emitted iPhone rear camera to augment its AR ambitions. But we won't see it till 2019.


Stay off target: Attacking Apple’s privacy record

The tech company that cares about privacy gets painted as a big privacy problem.

harry potter wizards logo

Forget Pokémon Go – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic's next potential AR obsession

Eager to turn your neighborhood into a wizarding world? Here's what we know so far


Hello, again: Re-introducing the iPhone

The iPhone X presents some new gestures. That's not a bad thing.

iphonex unbox

iPhone X display may become unresponsive in very cold weather—Apple promises a fix

The problem appears to be rare, but Apple says an upcoming software update will take care of it.

apple pay terminal

Apple Pay FAQ: The ultimate guide on how and where to use Apple's payment platform

Here's everything you need to know about Apple Pay, including how to use it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, and what stores and apps accept it.

ios keyboard

iOS 11.1.1 update finally fixes that A[?] bug

You can go back to typing capital-I now.

clips 2 iphone x

Apple’s Clips 2.0 puts you in the Millennium Falcon or a Mega-Destroyer

App for creating short, sharable video clips includes Selfie Scenes, a new feature for iPhone X users.


All over but the shouting: The iPhone X doom bringer

A successful phone means the end of Apple.

iPad tablet, iTunes, MacBook laptop

Report: iPad redesign in 2018 will bring slim bezels and Face ID

The venerable iPad design is due for an update, and Apple is all-in on Face ID.

apple ar headset design

iEyes? An Apple AR wearable device is reportedly on track for 2020

Apple is reportedly developing an augmented reality headset due to start shipping in 2020.

Wi-Fi icon inside the outline of a house

Is there any way to shorten the available Wi-Fi list in macOS and iOS? Unfortunately, no

The list of networks in your vicinity cannot be suppressed in iOS or macOS. There is one possible way to shorten the list while in your own home, but it's not a simple solution you can do on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

iphonex ios11

How iOS 12 can unlock iPhone X's full potential

iPhone X is great, but here are 10 ways the next version of iOS can take Apple's next-generation handset to the next level.

sale 9583 primary image wide

Get 120+ hours of iOS 11 dev training for less than $50

Boasting more than 120 hours of training, this 7-course collection takes you step-by-step as you master iOS 11, Swift 4, and several other programming tools regardless of your experience level.

sale 10477 primary image wide

Manage All of Your iOS Data Between Devices with iMazing 2, Now 68% Off ($25)

iMazing 2 is an all-purpose tool that lets you easily browse and manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, and drag and drop songs to your iPhone without jailbreaking your device.