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Unfixable: The terminal nature of iOS problems

Nothing to be done about it. Probably should just cancel the iPhone.

pages ios icon

Pages 4 for iOS review: Update adds powerful support for book and complex document creation

With new Pencil, annotation, book, and drawing support, Pages for iOS becomes a more comprehensive document tool.

apple events

Apple's event calendar: When is the next Apple event?

When is the next Apple event? We'll tell you what we know about Apple's event schedule for 2018.

9.7-inch iPad (2018)

9.7-inch iPad (2018) Review

If you're looking for a tablet that delivers an experience much like the iPad Pro for a more agreeable price tag, the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad has you covered.


Paying the piper: Apple Pay pestering

If only that red badge could be dismissed.

Macworld Podcast Ep. 599

New iPad review, Apple to ditch Intel, and iOS 11.4 beta

The Macworld staff talks about the latest happenings in the world of Apple. Plus, we feature your comments and questions.

Macworld Podcast Ep. 599

New iPad review, Apple to ditch Intel, iOS 11.4 beta: Macworld Podcast Ep. 599

Macworld’s Leif Johnson has been using the new iPad for the past week. What does he think so far? Bloomberg says that Apple may use its own processors in Macs starting in 2020. Apple has released a beta of iOS 11.4. We also feature your comments and questions.


No good deed: Punishing Apple’s Battery Health indicator

It only serves to show us our phones are less than perfect.

iosgames mar18 lead

The 10 iPhone and iPad games you need to play from March 2018

Fortnite and PUBG lead the charge, but there are plenty of other new games worth trying.

Apple privacy education

Why Apple's new iPad is a better option for schools than a Chromebook tablet

Acer's new Chromebook tablet may be a dead ringer for the new iPad, but when it comes to schools, Apple has a key advantage when it comes to privacy.

ios 11 3 release

iOS 11.3 released with new Animoji, ARKit improvements, battery heath beta, and more

Notably absent from this release are Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2.


Schooling: Learning about Apple’s chances in the education market

Shocking news that Apple products cost too much.

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Apple Pencil lag test on 2018 9.7" iPad versus iPad Pro

We compare Apple Pencil lag on a first-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro against Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad

Macworld Podcast 598

Hands-on with the new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple’s education event: Macworld Podcast Ep. 598

We take the wraps off of the new iPad on the show, and we talk about our thoughts on Tuesday’s Apple education event. We also feature your comments and questions.


Save up to $35 on App Store and iTunes gift cards from Costco

Costco is offering members impressive discounts on $200, $100, and $25 iTunes gift cards. Best Buy is offering discounts as well.

apple field trip

Apple’s Chicago ‘Field Trip’ event: 5 things we might see (and 5 things we probably won’t)

Apple's spring event is being held at a Chicago high school this year, so there might be some surprises in store.


Misplaced metaphor: Stewing over iOS 11

iOS bugs declared the worst ever. Again.

apple emoji disability

Apple proposes nine new accessibility emojis

If approved, the emojis would appear in the Emoji 12.0 standard scheduled to release in the first half of 2019.

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Pay What You Want for 37 Hours of iOS Dev Training

This collection will familiarize you with Swift, Apple's very own coding language, and a host of other tools as you create your own apps for the iOS platform.