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Upcoming mistakes: Pre-dooming the HomePod

It's not here yet but we already know it has no chance.


Those fancy pants iPhone owners, they fix their phones

The unreasonable aspiration of not having a shattered screen.

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Apple knows best (or so it would have you believe)

If there’s one philosophy that seems to exemplify the vast majority of decisions that Apple has made about their products, it’s this: “We know best.”

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'Hey Siri, give me the news' leaves beta, works with NPR, Fox, CNN, and Washington Post

With the new feature, Siri plays catch-up to other assistants and prepares for the release of HomePod.


iPhone fixation: It’s all on Apple

Tech addiction is this year's problem and it's all Apple's fault.

Apple iPhone, by Oliur Rahman / CC0 via Unsplash

How to set up a new iPhone by restoring it from an older device

There are an extra couple of steps to restoring to a device that’s not fresh from the box.

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Toyota to finally offer CarPlay in some 2019 models

Support for Apple's car integration has been a long time coming.


The greatest form of flattery: The copy and pasting of iPhone features

The Macalope suspects it will mostly continue.

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What the iPhone, iPad, and iOS need in 2018

What would Jason Snell like to see from Apple this year?

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Apple, kids, and iPhone addiction: Parental controls in iOS are long overdue

After being publicly called out over its lack of parental controls in iOS, Apple has vowed to implement "new features and enhancements" to protect kids. But it might be too little too late.


Worst ever: The iPhone X loosely reviewed

Your mileage may, apparently, vary.

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Apple releases iOS 11.2.2 and macOS 10.13.2 updates with Spectre fix for Safari and WebKit

This small supplemental update helps mitigate the Spectre vulnerability through Javascript.

4 ways to protect your icloud password change your password 1

iPhone or iPad unexpectedly switches to Lost Mode? Reset your iCloud password

An exploit that relies on leaked passwords from other sites may still be affecting Apple users.


Don’t believe everything you read: Apple is less than doomed

Reports of Apple doom are habitually exaggerated.

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Can you free yourself from

There's only one way to avoid the portal page that appears when you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.