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iphonexr camera

Two important ways Apple is preparing for life after the iPhone

Even if iPhone sales slow, Dan Moren thinks Apple’s forward-looking nature makes it well prepared for any future.

Macworld Podcast

Apple after Tim Cook, the last good MacBook, and more audience hot takes

We listen to your hot takes on Apple and respond to them on the show.

macworld steve jobs signing

Steve Jobs-autographed copy of Macworld headed to auction

RR Auctions expects that the first issue of Macworld with Steve Jobs’ signature will fetch around $10,000.

iphone search engine

Should Apple have its own search engine?

The company's stance on privacy is at odds with the way the biggest search engines operate. Maybe there's a better way.

a12 mockup

Chips ahoy: The Mac’s transition to Apple processors is happening sooner than you think

In the wake of Apple’s blazing new iPad Pro, Dan Moren thinks the Mac’s switch to Apple-designed processors is coming, and soon.


Earlier every year: iPhone production cut rumors

Buckle up, here we go again.

apple wwdc2018 tim cook

Apple’s price inflation turns privacy from a right to a privilege

Your data belongs to you…if you’re wealthy.

Macworld Podcast 629

iPhone XR, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Apple’s stock price

We’ll talk about the new iPhone XR, new MacBook Air, new Mac mini, Apple’s forecast and stock price, and your comments and questions.


Specious reasoning: Punching your ticket on the Apple doom train

There are always reasons, just rarely good ones.

tim cook oct30 apple

Apple’s latest record quarter: Why Apple loves China but hates sales figures

It’s worth reading between the lines of the federally-mandated financial disclosure tables and listening to the specifics of the Apple’s ritual phone call with financial analysts to see what else is on the company’s mind.

Apple Event [2018-10-30] > KAWS and Tim Cook check out the MacBook Air with an Apple team member.

Apple’s Q4 report shows increased revenues, but stocks fall following disappointing guidance

iPhone sales remain flat year-over-year, but the cash flow is only getting better.

Macworld Podcast 628

New iPad Pro, new MacBook Air, new Mac mini, other event announcements

The Macworld staff talks about the announcements Apple made at its Tuesday event. We also respond to your comments and questions.

tim cook wwdc 2018

Tim Cook says companies are weaponizing our personal data, and he’s right

Apple's hardline stance on privacy doesn't seem so silly when you read about a smart thermometer selling data on who's sick and who's not.

apple planet of the apps

Apple’s original TV shows and series: Steve Carell joins Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon morning show drama

Apple's spending a ton of money to produce its own TV content. Here what you can expect to see, and when.