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Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta shines with new video capabilities

Lightroom 4 Beta, which runs in Snow Leopard or Lion, promises to be a compelling upgrade for all Lightroom users.


Smart tips for sharing holiday photos

Here are some smart ways to share your photographs with others, whether you want to create large private galleries or instantly share from your iOS device.


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Tips for taking better holiday photos

During the holidays someone is bound to get out a camera to grab some festive snapshots. Follow some of these photo tips and guidelines to get the best images possible.


Control Photo Stream with iPhoto and Aperture

Once photographers upgrade to Aperture, they don’t spend much time with iPhoto. This reservoir system for Photo Stream brings iPhoto back in to the photography workflow.


Five ways to create and send holiday photo cards

It's the most wonderful time of the year. That's right, holiday card season! We take a look at five user-friendly options that make it easy to create and send photo cards to your loved ones.


Buying guide: Photo printers

Looking for a good photo printer this holiday season? Follow these four steps for a smart buy.


Close-ups and silhouettes: Get a different perspective in your photos

Put a new spin on your photos Sometimes, you just feel like shaking things up a bit. When you tire of all the portraits and landscapes, you might want to try your hand at shooting some common scenes from unusual perspectives....


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How to sort and organize your iPhoto library

Learn how to navigate and organize your photos using iPhoto.


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The secret to spooky jack-o-lantern photos

Here are some tips on how to get good shots of your Halloween creations.


How to shoot great sports photos

Play ball! It’s that time of year again—school sports are underway! Time to dust off your long lens, put on your sunscreen, and get out on the field. We decided to put ourselves in the khaki vests and knee pads of a professional...


Seven valuable iPad apps for photographers

Here are seven apps that take advantage of the iPad’s interface and size, and turn it into a productive photography tool.


The most intriguing new cameras of Fall 2011

The coolest cameras coming soon Trying to keep up with the latest camera announcements for the fall and holiday shopping season? You'd better have a fast burst mode. The announcements have been coming quickly over the past few weeks,...


Four ways to shoot night portraits

Here are four possible night portrait scenarios that you can try for yourself.


How and where to get feedback on your photos

Here’s a guide on where to go to get constructive criticism on your photographs, and how to play nice with others seeking the same.


Hands on with the Nikon 1 J1

Nikon is the latest big-name camera maker to offer a mirrorless interchangeable-lens lineup. Here's how the new Nikon 1 J1 camera held up in our hands-on tests.


Adobe upgrades Elements consumer photo and video packages

Photoshop and Premiere Elements a get an upgrade with an added online subscription option.


How to make basic edits in iPhoto

If you use iPhoto to manage your photo collection, try these fixes before cracking open a dedicated image editor.


Creating a cloud-based backup for your image library

Creating your own cloud storage system doesn’t require a degree in computer science. But it does help to choose the right equipment. Derrick Story advises photo pros how to get started.


How to take pan motion photos

The pan-motion photography technique makes your moving subject look sharp against a blurred background.


Adobe launches Carousel cloud-based photo app

Photo software lets you view, browse, edit, and share your photo collection without manual syncing or storage.


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