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We ask, Quark answers

Quark's Macworld Expo session about Quark Interactive Designer prompted us to pose some questions to the design software maker. Quark got back to us with answers.


Completing the Challenge

Last week, Christopher Breen shared the questions from this year's MacBrainiac Challenge at Macworld Expo. Get ready for the answers.


The 360-degree view

A pair of VR photographers offered a different view of last week's Macworld Expo.


Strike up the band

Philip Michaels has seen the future of Macworld Expo, and it involves marching bands.


The one-two project punch

Collaborative efforts between makers of project-management and mind-mapping programs was in full effect at Expo this year.


Avoiding double trouble

Worried about viruses when you run Windows on your Intel-based Mac? Intego's showing off something to ease your concerns.


Take the MacBrainiac Challenge

One of the highlights of Christopher Breen's Expo experience is hosting the MacBrainiac Challenge. This year, he lets readers show off their awesome Mac knowledge.


Pretty sketchy

The longest line Dan Miller's seen this week at Expo has to be around the Google booth, where the search-engine giant is showing off the eye-catching SketchUp and Google Earth.


Mac superheroes to the rescue

A game developer comes up big for a little Macworld Expo attendee.


Attention grabbers

In a crowded Expo hall, Maxtor’s eye-grabbing adverts stood out this year.


It's a beautiful network

Lithium's Lithium Network Monitoring Platform may be the most beautiful piece of Mac Software Dan Miller has ever seen.


Point-of-sale with an iTunes flavor

The forthcoming point-of-sale system Lightspeed 2 will have a familiar look to anyone who's used Apple's music jukebox application.


How not to start an Expo presentation

The first rule of giving a presentation at Macworld Expo: be prepared. The second rule, after you've ignored the first rule? Run!


Don't crowd the iPhone

Rob Griffiths visits the Apple booth for an up-close look at the iPhone. Too bad he couldn’t get up-close.


Oh, the places you've been

Dan Miller takes a closer look at Geophoto, a new program from Ovolab that lets you browser photos by location rather than file name or date.


Microsoft learns less is more

We only have a few details about the Universal version of Office coming out later this year, but the fact that Microsoft is choosing to enhance existing features rather than add new ones is a positive sign.


Expo survival tips: Connectivity

Christopher Breen offers some pointers on staying connected at Macworld Expo... or anywhere on the road.


Quark opens up the floor to questions

Quark hosts what it's billing as a "dialogue" with media, customers, and partners at Expo on Tuesday.


'Twas the night before Expo

The hours before an Expo keynote can drive people to do desperate things -- like dabble in poetry.


Trade show showdown

Macworld Expo and CES go head-to-head next week. But don't expect the Mac trade show to get lost in CES's shadow.


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