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Audyssey's Lower East Side Audio Dock Air is a compact, good-sounding AirPlay speaker

The Lower East Side Audio Dock Air sounds amazing and doesn't take up much space, but it's not without some odd design choices.


Organize and play your media from a NAS

If you have multiple computers, iOS devices, and media players in your home, it's likely your media is a mess--scattered from one end of your home to the other. With the aid of a NAS and these tips, you can cull, organize, and play...



Apple TV 4.4 update adds Photo Stream, NHL, and more

Apple updated the Apple TV software on Wednesday with support for Photo Stream, NHL subscriptions, a new Wall Street Journal Live channel, and more.


Roku releases $50 LT model, adds HBO Go channel

Roku has announced not only the addition of HBO Go for HBO subscribers, but a $50 Roku player to play it on.


iPods: Steady as she goes

The days when we'd anticipate shiny new iPods to kick off the holiday shopping season may be behind us. But that doesn't mean that Apple sees no value in keeping the current crop alive.



Apple updates iPod nano, touch models

Apple on Tuesday announced updated versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch models.


Microsoft kills the Zune

If you were still waiting to get your hands on a Zune, we have some bad news.


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Copy files from your Mac to your Kindle

Jason Snell's back with more Kindle news: In this case, answering a reader's question about getting files from your Mac onto your Kindle.


Oh, and about those iPods...

Does October 4 spell the death of traditional iPods? It makes a good headline, but the reality is, probably not. Here's what Chris Breen expects to see.



Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Fire tablet, $99 Kindle Touch

Amazon on Wednesday unveiled its new 7-inch Android tablet, the Kindle Fire.


capsule review

Review: JVC UX-VJ3 Micro Component System

JVC's UX-VJ3 Micro Component System can dock an iPhone and an iPad at the same time, and its detached speakers offer very good sound. But those features are somewhat offset by some questionable design decisions.


Three tips for using iTunes on a small display

As Apple continues to sell more laptops than desktops, the number of people working with iTunes on small displays increases. Kirk McElhearn offers tips on how you can optimize the way iTunes displays its content to make it easier to...



Facebook and Spotify drop the other shoe

Spotify and Facebook have cut a deal where you can not get a Spotify account without also being a Facebook member. Chris Breen believes this is not a step forward for music distribution.


Borrowing Kindle ebooks: Hands-on guide

The Kindle library lending now lets Kindle and Kindle app users alike to borrow ebooks from 11,000 local libraries in the United States. Here's a walk-through of how it works.



Amazon launches Kindle integration with public libraries

Amazon on Wednesday announced the launch of Kindle library lending, which will allow Kindle and Kindle app users alike to borrow ebooks from 11,000 local libraries in the United States.


Opinion: Netflix's changes are customer-hostile

Netflix keeps trying to defend its pricing changes. And now it's splitting its site into two sites. Staff writer Lex Friedman argues that Netflix's latest moves only make things worse for its customers.


How to rip CD box sets in iTunes

Ripping large CD box sets to enjoy on your computer or iOS device can be a chore. Kirk McElhearn offers some suggestions for making the process easier.


Logitech Harmony Link turns iPad into universal remote

Wishing you could use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as a universal remote control in the living room? On Tuesday Logitech announced the Harmony Link, a $100 device that sits next to your TV, communicates with your iOS device via...


Netflix apologizes, spins off DVD service

Netflix's CEO on Monday offered profuse apologies to customers offended when the company split its DVD and streaming services, effectively raising prices on people who used both. Rather than reverse course, though, he announced the...


Lion compatibility is music to Sonos customers' ears

Sonos customers found that Macs running Lion couldn't successfully stream to their speakers. On Tuesday, the company offered a fix.


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