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MacUser blog makes way for Mac Channel

You can now find content from the MacUser blog in Macworld's Mac Channel, alongside other Mac news, reviews, and how-tos.


Remains of the Day: No Siri, that’s my baby

The iPhone 4S meets its match in the team at iFixit, Apple may add movies to the cloud, and one Apple executive gets a lengthy write-up.


Remains of the Day: Bite out of the old apple



Remains of the Day: Hip to be square

Heck of a week, huh? And things are only just getting started. Early iPhone 4S units have begun slipping out overseas, the iPad is dominating in the Web surfing arena, and one of the great writers of our time remembers Steve Jobs.


The Macalope Weekly: Respect

The Macalope looks at reaction to the iPhone 4S and hold your nose, because some opinions on Steve Jobs are unfit for human consumption.


Remains of the Day: Nothing's gonna change my world

We've put together a couple of Jobs-centric Remains columns in the past. But we'd like to acknowledge the man one more time as the remainders for Friday, October 7, 2011 make their way across the universe.


The Macalope Daily: Giant

There's no way to properly eulogize someone who lived so large. So the Macalope keeps it short.


Remains of the Day: Please, sir, can I have some more?

I know, I know. You've read about the iPhone 4S all day. But you just can't get enough! Don't you worry your pretty little heads: The remainders for Tuesday, October 4, 2011 are happy to serve another helping.


The Macalope Daily: Setting expectations

Apple must deliver a revolutionary iPhone 5 today or perish! That's reasonable, right?


Remains of the Day: Rehearsal dinner

Tomorrow's the big day, and boy, are people fired up: There's the Siri co-founder who's convinced it will change the world, the company willing to fork over billions to play a part, and the familiar face that may not be able to stay...


capsule review

Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball

Senior editor Dan Frakes says that Kensington’s Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is the first portable trackball that's good enough to earn a place in his laptop bag, though it’s not without its drawbacks


The Macalope Weekly: Against the brain

The Macalope bids welcome to the Kindle Fire and wonders if those old pipes that bring water to Wall Street might still be made of lead.


Remains of the Day: Die another day

Psystar is determined to drag its court case all the way to the top before failing; the Apple TV may be about to kick off its continental tour; and we bid a fond adieu to a bygone era of gaming.


Remains of the Day: Psych out

Steve Jobs apparently tried to talk to Samsung before going nuclear, Apple takes home a victory over one clone maker, and fake iPhones aren't what they used to be.


Remains of the Day: Number one, with an icon

Deciphering Apple's intentions is even more challenging than figuring out the Kremlin's. Elsewhere, the Thunderbolt Display is ripped to shreds, iTunes movies surface around the world, and is it finally time to bid adieu to some...


The Macalope Daily: Trouble in paradise?

Are the natives restless in Redmond?


Remains of the Day: Hulu hoops

Any potential buyers of TV-streaming site Hulu are going to have to play by its terms, it seems. Elsewhere, Facebook seems to have re-friended Apple, and you'll soon be able to multitouch your Android phones as much as you want.


Remains of the Day: iPhone home

Tired of iPhone rumors? Let me make this easy for you: It's coming out sometime, at a place, with lots of new features for a certain price! There, done.


Intego: Malware masquerades as Flash installer

Intego on Monday warned Mac users of a new Trojan horse that masquerades as a Flash Player installation package for OS X Lion.


Weekly Wrap: Fear, Photos, and 'Flix

Each week, we're faced with an impossible task when we try to round up the best Macworld stories of the week gone by--because everything we publish is, as you'd expect, pretty great. But we've made a series of Sophie's choices, and...


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