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In Praise of iTunes Match

Jason Snell thought he'd buy a year of iTunes Match and then cancel, but he's having second thoughts.


Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe

Jason Snell remembers Steve Jobs, his life, and what he meant to all of us.


Life after Jobs: Why Apple isn't doomed

Steve Jobs stepping away from Apple as CEO is a big deal, Jason Snell says. But the former Apple CEO has crafted the company in his own image.


The shuttle and the stuff of dreams

Jason Snell went to the space shuttle launch last week. Here are his notes on the experience.


Remains of the Day: By the numbers

One Apple employee finally got off iCloud. The iPhone 5 may or may not look different, and may or may not show up in a couple months. Most of us want to get on iCloud, according to a survey. But math is hard, so let's just do some...


Weekly Wrap: Drooling over Lion, ruminating over iCloud, and more

Father’s Day is coming! But let’s face it: If you haven’t gotten a gift for Dad at this point, you’re probably just not going to. Instead, sit back and let us catch you up on the Macworld week that was.


Weekly Wrap: WWDC, iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, fast iMacs, and much more

If you somehow forgot to stay current on Macworld during WWDC week, we feel for you. And we're ready to catch you up.


WWDC: Apple goes to the mattresses

Jason Snell says something about Apple's WWDC 2011 keynote reminded him of mobster movies. No, nobody got whacked. (Except MobileMe.) But Apple did settle old scores and move aggressively forward.


Apple Design Awards recognize excellent iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps

Apple held its annual Apple Design Awards ceremony Tuesday night at WWDC. See which 12 apps were recognized.


Weekly Wrap: Macworld's top stories for the week of May 29, 2011

Couple Memorial Day with "first day back at work after a three-day weekend," and it's easy to understand how you might have slacked off on your Macworld devotion. Let us help you catch up on what you may have missed.


Why Windows 8 fails to learn the iPad's lessons

The new Windows 8 for tablets is a failure, Jason Snell says, because Microsoft simply can't let go of the past and embrace its intriguing future.


D9: Google's Schmidt talks Apple partnerships, competition

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was the kick-off interview at this year's D9 conference, and Macworld's Jason Snell was there to take it in.


Skinning Twitterrific for Mac

Not for the faint of heart: Jason Snell explains how to adjust Twitterrific's appearance by editing settings files.


Introducing Macworld's 100 Things ebook

Get a copy of our popular "100 Things Every Mac User Should Know" magazine feature as an ePub file to read on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


Waiting for Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt's made its way to the new MacBook Pros and iMacs, but Jason Snell explains that nobody has actually been able to lay hands on a single Thunderbolt device yet.


Eye-Fi connects to iPhone, gets more useful

The new Direct Mode feature of the Wi-Fi connected Eye-Fi memory cards makes your digital camera and your iOS devices best buddies, Jason Snell says.


Apple's unique brand of crisis management

Apple doesn't respond to crises like other companies. Is that good or bad? Jason Snell says it sure hasn't hurt the company so far.


How Apple devices saved me thousands on my new car

Jason Snell explains how Apple's technology allowed him to bypass several thousands dollars in optional extras for his new car.


New MacBook Airs and the circle of life

Jason Snell is excited by the prospect of new MacBook Airs, but has a quibble with how its sales figures have been reported.


Apple's truck

Is the Mac OS is going to become more like iOS (and vice versa)? Yes, perhaps, but it's not time for a panic attack.


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