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Apple releases iBooks 1.3 update

This new version of the iBooks app adds a read-aloud function that doesn't work yet, as well as new powers for enhanced books, a bug fix, and a performance boost.


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Swiftpoint Limited Swiftpoint Mouse

The Swiftpoint Mouse won't replace your desktop mouse, but in cramped travel quarters, it shines, giving you a usable, comfortable input device that even works on your MacBook's palmrest. The company has even anticipated the biggest...


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Verizon Wireless Fivespot

The Fivespot is a global version of the mobile hotspot, supporting both major versions of 3G technology (CDMA and GSM) and laying the foundation for Verizon’s claim to provide global data service in over 200 countries, with more than...


Booq offers Apple-exclusive bag with iPad, MacBook storage

A premium bag maker has released a special edition of a popular line that fits a MacBook, iPad, and Apple Wireless Keyboard. If you need to take it all on-the-go in style, this looks like a great option -- but it's only available in...


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Mobilis Netcase

The Netcase is a solid choice for anyone looking for additional laptop protection without the extra bulk or weight. The weatherproof design looks and feels durable, while the styling is business-like and neutral.


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Mobilis Skin

The Skin cover isn't the most protective or attractive of laptop bags on the market, but it does feel solid despite the light and compact design.


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Isis Dei Riviera Bleu

Laptop sleeve adds just the right amount of bling for your 15-inch MacBook Pro


iPad vs. Netbook: It's a close call

PCWorld pits the iPad against a netbook in a number of important categories, and found that the contest is closer than people might expect.


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Knomo Lincoln

Sleek and stylish, the Lincoln is a practical laptop bag for everyday use.


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Be.ez LE Rush

Available for 13-inch and 15-inch laptops, and a choice of three subtle yet stylish colors (Lagoon Dream, Black Coffee and Lime Park), Be.ez's LE Rush is a great choice for MacBook owners.


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STM Sonic

Laptop bag that looks like is escaped from the 1970s.


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Knomo Slim

While designed for women, the Slim laptop sleeve could be used by any metrosexual man who wants to travel in style.


Pendle Products introduces MacBook laptop stands

Pendle Products has introduced a selection of ergonomic laptop stands compatible with Apple's MacBook range.


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Incase Nylon Sleeve

Available in 13-, 15-, and 17-inch sizes in a choice of black, graphite, mustard yellow, or royal purple, Incase's Nylon Sleeve is a slim and stylish laptop carrier for anyone who likes to travel light.


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be.ez LE vertigo

be.ez's LE vertigo laptop bag stores your 13-inch or 15-inch laptop in a vertical position on your travels.


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be.ez LA garde robe

The LA garde robe laptop bag from be.ez (be easy) achieves a rare trick of packing sufficient storage space for daily use in a design that is both compact and exceptionally lightweight.


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Tech21 Style sleeve

The Tech21 Style sleeve is a handy, affordable addition to the vast and varied choice of laptop bags available on the market.


Be.ez intros Apple iPad protection sleeves

Be-ez have announced a new addition to its stylish LA robe Allure line of protection sleeves, with the introduction of the LA robe iPad Allure.


LaCie intros iPad and MacBook bags

LaCie has announced a range of new MacBook and Apple iPad compatible covers.


Lithium-ion battery life could reach 20 years

Japanese research and development firm Eamex claims to have found a new way to increase the typical average life of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery.


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