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iPhone game roundup: Aim for the Brain, Flying Aces

Another week passes, and the neverending flood of iPhone and iPod touch games continues unabated. Here are some standouts.


Rokr: What might have been

Motorola’s Rokr mobile phone has taken its fair share of abuse. What might Apple and Moto done differently?


iTunes 5's folders and you

iTunes 5 allows you to gather playlists together into a folder, but what does this really mean (and how does it benefit you)? Here are a few observations on iTunes’ folder functionality.


Apple Music Event: Hidden goodies

Tips, tricks, and hidden features of the iTunes-compatible ROKR phone, iPod nano, and iTunes 5.


Using iPods in a cross-platform environment

Need to use an iPod formatted for your Mac on a Windows PC (or vice versa)? Not a problem. I have the key to cross-platform cooperation.


Viewing portable video's possibilities

I’ve seen the face of inexpensive portable video in Handheld Entertainment’s $100 Zvue player. Now that we’ve seen cheap, what can Apple do to make it right?


The logical, literal, and lunatic

The many means of handicapping Apple’s September music event.


Playlist vodcast #1

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Podcasts are so last month—video is where it’s at. A couple of weeks ago I attempted to prove the point by posting instructions for creating your own Vodcast. To demonstrate that...


Sexohol sells

While far too many members of the music industry try to turn back the clock, it’s heartening to find a band that embraces today’s technology and looks toward the future.


The iPod travel kit

Which gear best accompanies a trip to the spay and neuter clinic? Apart from the requisite animal trap and tranquilizer gun, Chris Breen offers his suggestions for iPod accessories to take on the road.


Insomnia and the search for long songs

Unable to sleep, I journeyed to the iTunes Music Store in search of white noise. I came away with more than I—or, in all likelihood, Apple—bargained for.


Yahoo! Audio Search: It's a start

Yahoo recently launched a new search service that attempts to track down audio files—music tracks, podcasts, and audio odds and ends. Yahoo could do great work. I hope it’s up to the challenge.


So long, hPod

Much to the relief of my band’s trombone player, HP has decided to ditch the iPod. So what do you call a guy who knows how to play the trombone but doesn’t?


vPod dreams

Now that the Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the possibility of a portable video player from Apple, it seems time to toss in my two pennies on what I’d like to see from such a device and the content fed to it. Size...


Multiple accounts iTunes sharing

Care to share your iTunes Music Library with every user account on your Mac? How about with others on your network or across the Internet? This technique may help.


Talkin' 'bout 4th Generation

Why the new “iPod (with color display)” is just a 4th-generation iPod.


New iTunes and iPod tidbits

Wouldn't you know it, the minute I pack myself onto an intercontinental flight Apple releases the much-anticipated iTunes 4.9. We're all over the big stuff. Here's a glimpse at a couple of features you may have missed.


Podcasting and the price of fame

Hoping that your podcast will draw in thousands of downloads after being featured in iTunes 4.9? Be careful what you wish for.


Shuffle and missing playcounts

Do you, iTunes, and your iPod shuffle disagree about the number of times you’e played a track? Jim’s got the answer.


Perfecting the patio 'pod

Now that the rain, sleet, snow, hail, deluge of toads, and other meteorological wonders induced by our ever-cozier atmosphere seem to have slowed, it's time to turn to the task of making the great outdoors more musical.


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