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macos 11 big sur battery icon

macOS Big Sur’s battery optimization: You can’t do much to tweak laptop settings

Apple relies on your behavior over time balanced against battery wear, but doesn’t let you tweak its choices.

ios14 iphpne scan notes

How to scan documents in Notes and third-party apps on the iPhone and iPad

The Notes app hides a powerful document-scanning option, but you can find even better ones if need be.

apple macbook power adapter

How to figure out if a MacBook power adapter or battery has gone bad

There are really three components in a laptop relating to charging a battery.

macos big sur music app icon

How to enable the iTunes Store in the macOS Music app

If you want to purchase songs and albums, why doesn’t the option appear?

apple pay cash hero

How to get an accounting of your Apple Cash transactions

You don’t have to scroll through Wallet to find what you spent and received.

keynote revert to

How to restore a previous version of your Pages, Keynote, and other documents in macOS

Apple’s Mac apps and those of some other developers auto-save and let you browse past versions.

smarthome mobile phone

Smart home guide for beginners: Make your home more convenient to live in without spending lots of time or money

You don’t need to be an expert or spend a fortune on cutting-edge gear, these first steps will lay a foundation you can build on.


internet web browser https / url address bar

Lost text in a browser form submission? Avoid it with an extension or a clipboard add-on

It’s so easy to navigate away from a page, click submit too early, or suffer from a Web site error—and lose everything you typed.

iphone other storage

iPhone Other storage: What is it and how do you clear it?

That significant Other filling up all your iPhone storage? Here’s what you can do about it.

12inch macbook 2016

If you’re using AFP to share a Mac drive, It’s time to change

You may need to tweak some settings to keep sharing volumes after upgrading to High Sierra or later.


Easy tips for cleaning up your Mac

Is your Mac a mess? Here are some easy ways to clean out your Mac's storage and cluttered desktop.

Mac hard drive icon

How to change the icon of a storage device in macOS

To tell different volumes and drives apart, you can paste in custom icons.

12inch macbook 2016

What’s the latest version of macOS you can run on your Mac?

You may be stymied by trying to update with an installer past your machine’s capabilities.

activity achievements hero

Apple Watch Activity badges: Ring in the New Year challenge returns

Trying to snag every Activity badge? Here's a full list of every achievement and what you need to do to get it.

ios 14 aesthetic home screen

How to make your iPhone ‘Aesthetic’ with iOS 14

By using Shortcuts together with custom Widgets and the App Library, you can build a totally unique home screen look.