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activity achievements hero

Apple Watch Activity badges: Get ready for International Women's Day on March 8

Trying to snag every Activity badge? Here's a full list of every achievement and what you need to do to get it.

13in m1 mbp desk angle

How to check your Intel and M1 Mac’s SSD health using Terminal

Learn how to set up the Terminal in macOS so you can install and run smartmontools, a utility that provides data on the health of your SSD.

generic mac app icon

How to make macOS apps available to a single user instead of all users

If you’re sharing a Mac, you may want to restrict access to certain apps. Here’s how it’s done.

how to connect a soundbar to a tv without hdmi

How to connect a new soundbar to an old TV that doesn't support HDMI

Just because you have an aging TV that lacks HDMI ports doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade its audio with a soundbar.


m1 mac mini top angle

How to start up your M1 Mac from an external drive

Need to boot your M1 Mac with an external drive? It’s not as easy as it used to be, as it likely requires you purchase new hardware.

apple fusion drive icon

Thinking of upgrading from a Fusion drive on a Mac? Here’s what you need to know

With a Fusion drive, you can’t upgrade just the SSD or hard drive components without doing some hard work.

apple id login page

How to split up an Apple ID among family members and forward their email

It’s easy to wind up with a single Apple ID account for your entire family, and then want to migrate to individual ones. Apple doesn’t let you split Apple ID accounts up, but here’s a set of strategies that can help.

apple pay cash hero

Apple Cash guide: What it is, how it works, and what it costs

Apple Cash lets you send money to other iOS users right in an iMessage or buy things like a debit card.

apple 2fa

How to check if an unexpected prompt for your Apple ID password is legitimate

If you get a random popup on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’re right to initially mistrust it.

apple homekit icon 2021

How to use facial recognition from your Photos library with Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple lets you know who is at the door or another camera when used in conjunction with its secure video system.

safari 14 mac icon big sur

How to override the font settings in Safari for all pages

Safari lets you set a style sheet that can override anything on a web page.

roomba 675 wipe off cliff sensor

Got a Roomba? Clean these filthy components right now

If your Roomba is having trouble docking or has slowed to a crawl, a good scrub might make things right.


ios14 magnifier app

How to use People Detection in iOS 14’s Magnifier app

This accessibility tool provides a host of useful features you may have missed.

safari 14 mac icon big sur

Can’t upload files in Safari? Update to Safari 14.0.3 (or drag and drop)

An update to Safari disabled the option for websites to prompt to let you upload files. It’s been fixed.

ios12 swipe up faceid

How to unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask using your Apple Watch

A new feature in iOS 14.5 makes mask-wearing a lot more convenient for those who use an iPhone with Face ID.