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How to downgrade from the iOS or iPadOS 14 beta

Having trouble with the beta on your iPhone or iPad? You can go back, but it's not quick and easy.

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How to solve ImageCaptureCore error -9937 when importing photos and videos from your phone to your Mac

Your iPhone is trying to send photos in an incompatible format, but you have options.

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How to take photos of particular people out of your Photos library

You may have moved on, but they’re still lingering among your images.

wwdc20 when to watch

How to watch Apple’s WWDC20 keynote

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday, June 22, and the keynote presentation promises to be an event you won’t want to miss.

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Cloud storage plans you can use to replace your Mac’s external storage

If you migrate to a small drive, you may need to combine cloud methods to make it all work.

A MacBook running macOS Catalina.

Your old videos may not play in macOS Catalina. Here's why

Video you shot long ago with older devices require conversion to work in Catalina.


How to open ancient Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents in macOS

You may have some orphaned files and want to update them. Now is the time, but only if you haven’t updated yet to Catalina.

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How to recover your Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document password

Forgot the secret to get in your document? It’s probably in your keychain.

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Tips for merging an old photo backup with your current Photos library

Apple doesn’t have built-in merging tools, but you can make it work.

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How to share a Wi-Fi connection via macOS

If your only reasonable path to the internet is over Wi-Fi, your Mac can help.

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How to drop in on all your Amazon Echo devices at once

Besides Alexa's new ability to let you drop in on all your Echo devices at once, you can now set reminders on all your Echo speakers and displays, too.


control center ios13 wifi status

What that Wi-Fi label at the top of your iPhone means

Wi-Fi calling doesn’t mean you’re calling over Wi-Fi owned by the cellular carrier.

reading on a tablet ipad

Extra! Extra! Read all about it later: How to save web articles for reading at a later time

Here is a look at the ecosystems you can use for storing web articles and pages for later reading.

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Apple Watch Activity badges: The World Environment Day Challenge starts on June 5

Trying to snag every Activity badge? Here's a full list of every achievement and what you need to do to get it.

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Can I keep my partner’s Apple purchases and account after they die?

It’s always good to talk about financial, medical, and digital records with loved ones if you haven’t made a plan, especially regarding access to passwords after someone dies.