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icloud photo library ipad iphone mac

Why you should not rely on iCloud Photo Library as your only media backup

While Apple has been reliable, putting all your pictures of eggs into a cloud basket is unwise.

Wi-Fi icon inside the outline of a house

Is there any way to shorten the available Wi-Fi list in macOS and iOS? Unfortunately, no

The list of networks in your vicinity cannot be suppressed in iOS or macOS. There is one possible way to shorten the list while in your own home, but it's not a simple solution you can do on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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What to do when breaking up a shared Apple ID account

Sometimes people share an Apple ID out of convenience. But it can cause problems when you don't want to share that ID anymore.

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Notes 4.5 High Sierra: How to create a table, add and rearrange rows and columns

You don’t need to resort to Numbers of Excel if you want to create a document and want to use rows and columns to keep your data orderly.

auto play video stopped safari 11

macOS High Sierra: How to stop autoplay videos in Safari 11

In Safari 11 for macOS High Sierra and Sierra, you can easily disable autoplay video and surf the web in relative peace. Here's how it's done.

safari 11 icon macbook

macOS High Sierra: How to turn off website tracking in Safari 11

Safarii 11 uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to stop websites from doing cross-site tracking of your web activities.

Add Tables to Notes in MacOS High Sierra

Apple Notes 4.5 High Sierra: How to create a table, add and rearrange rows and columns

Use a table to better organize your lists.

phsihing popup ios

How to avoid password-prompted phishing scams in iOS

An open-source development project founder shows proofs of concept of how malicious parties can make you think they’re Apple.

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Why Photos for macOS says an image is an unsupported image format

You might be seeing a message if you’ve updated iOS to version 11 and not macOS to High Sierra.

itunes 12 icon mac

iTunes 12.7: Can you really delete iOS apps stored by iTunes?

Deleting those iOS apps seems like a scary thing to do. But if you are using iTunes 12.7, you can do it. Really.

delete from settings

4 ways to delete iOS apps on your iPhone or iPad

Space is often at a premium on iPhones and iPads. That's why it makes sense to keep only those apps that you know you really want. Here's how to get rid of the ones you don't.

imac security stock

What to do when ransomware strikes your Mac

Scammers are using purloined iCloud credentials to lock Macs with a message demanding payment.

phone alert

How to set up your iPhone for disaster alerts

Here’s how to set up your iPhone so you can filter out unwanted texts and call, but still get important alerts.

safari 11 icon macbook

Safari bookmark sync out of whack? Here’s the solution

If your bookmarks are always disappearing, the fix is easy to implement.

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How to markup and send a photo in iOS Messages

The iOS 11 Messages app requires a variety of tapping to get to the right place to send an annotated photo.