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Switching from Android to iPhone made easy

So you’re ready to make the leap from Google to Apple. Here’s what you need to know.

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The best way to video chat with mom on Mother’s Day

The traditional Mother’s Day brunch is out the window, so set up a virtual window with mom and other family for May 10.

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Tips and best practices for optimizing your smart home

Looking to build out a smart home? These 12 key pieces of advice will turn you into a master.


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Why you might have a different count of images in Photos in different places

Referencing images on your Mac will prevent their upload, among other factors.

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How to mute audio on your Mac browser when you don’t know where it’s coming from

All major desktop browsers offer a simple way to see which tabs are playing sound and quickly mute them.

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Take safety seriously: Stop using bulgy batteries and smoking monitors

Working from home may be leading people to making decisions that can endanger their health and safety.

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How to use a new monitor with an old Mac

A lot of the focus has been plugging old Apple displays into newer Macs, but the reverse is possible, too, if it’s got enough ports.

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How to use iCloud to cope with a Mac that’s low on storage

Before you try to migrate your data, you need to make changes and potentially change subscriptions.

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Having problems with Bluetooth audio quality on a Mac? Here are ways to fix it

Some Bluetooth devices use a lower-quality audio method when acting as both a mic and a speaker or headphones.

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Just picked up an iPhone SE? Do these 5 things first!

Don't even peel the plastic off your new iPhone SE before you read this setup guide.

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Internet radio: Everything you need to know to stream a world's worth of fantastic music for free

Hey, we dig Sonos Radio, but you don’t need a Sonos speaker to enjoy internet radio. Allow us to be your guide to this fabulous resource.



How to record all the free streaming TV before it's gone

How to record streaming TV shows from HBO, CBS, Netflix, and others before their free previews end


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How to get bill-pay and financial sites to work in Safari

Is your bank, credit-union, or credit-card site not working? They may be using an insecure approach.

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How to use your Mac to get more info about your iCloud Drive storage

Files for iOS and iPadOS omits nested information on folders. You need to use a Mac to get the information you need.

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How to survive homeschooling with nothing more than an Echo, Roku, and a Disney+ subscription

Homeschooling can be a pain for everyone involved, but with the help of a few smart devices, it can be much more pleasant.