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Distance learning: 4 smart tech solutions for keeping kids on track

Get some badly needed school-from-home help from Alexa, Google Assistant, your smart lights, and more.

safari catalina ios13

Three ways to pass web pages across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad

When you have a website open on one device, Apple now makes an abundance of options available to open that same site on other devices.

photos 6 icon big sur

macOS Big Sur: What’s new in the Photos app

More editing tools to make your photos look their best.

ios13 two factor

Using a school-owned iPad with 2FA? You might run into a problem

An unfortunate side effect of not having access to devices, people, or places could keep you out of your data.

macos 11 big sur battery icon

macOS Big Sur: The new Battery system preference

Apple replaced the Energy Saver system preference with a new one called Battery.

macos big sur notification center screen

macOS Big Sur: How to add, remove, and manage notifications and widgets in Notification Center

How you can customize Notification Center to your liking.

ios13 ipad iphone activation lock

Need to disable Activation Lock on an iPhone or iPad? Here are the 3 Apple-connected options to do so

Without the Apple ID and password, Apple will only perform a manual unlock in limited circumstances.

macos big sur control center

macOS Big Sur: Learn about the user interface changes

If you are wondering what Big Sur looks like before installing it, we have a peek right here. You can prepare yourself before you dive in.

apple keyboard delete

How to delete text in all sorts of ways on your Mac

Everyone knows how to use the Delete key, but there are other ways to delete text using keyboard combinations.

iphone webcam

How to use your iPhone as a webcam for video conferencing and virtual meetings

If you're in need a webcam for all the video conferences you're doing nowadays, your iPhone can carry the load.

ios13 macos catalina icloud photos

Understanding how iCloud Photos optimizes photo storage and keeps your originals

Apple makes it possible to have thumbnails of a much larger media collection, but always retains the full-resolution versions.

google drive photos

How to back up your Google Photos library and keep your metadata

If you want to create a full backup of your Google Photos library, you're going to lose all of your metadata. Here's how to keep it intact.


apple music

How to cancel Apple Music

You've given Apple Music a try, but it's not for you. Here's how to end your subscription.

iphone 8 plus iphone xs max

How to take and edit a screenshot on an iPhone 11 or SE

Here’s how to take a screenshot on your iPhone no matter which model you have.