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ios12 iphone dual sim control center

How to use the Wi-Fi button in the iOS Control Center to deal with weak networks

You can use this “soft” off button to help manage network connection issues.

apple music mac icon

When deleting a song from iTunes or Apple Music in macOS, where does it go?

iTunes and Music lack a Recently Deleted album. But you can find songs you deleted in those apps in the Trash.

ios 14 sleep alarm

How to manage alarms based on your sleep pattern in iOS 14

You can still pick your own wake-up time.

email image blue

How to consolidate mail from multiple Macs using Apple Mail

Import messages from other machines into your master copy.

time machine high sierra icon

Does a Time Machine drive need to be always on with a Mac?

You can use it intermittently, but don’t forget to plug it back in!

itunes 12 iphone xr

What to do when iTunes prompts you to update when connecting an iPhone

A newer version of iOS can require a small software update for iTunes that isn’t otherwise available.

bw px7 carbon edition bluetooth headphones

How to manage the Bluetooth headphone connection dance among devices

You can pair with several devices, but have to manage connecting and disconnecting with most Bluetooth headphones.

airdrop icon mac

How to share a password via AirDrop from iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or macOS

Apple makes it easy to pass a password securely and wirelessly to someone in your vicinity.

mtt20 041 aesthetichomescreenlook v3

How to make your iPhone ‘Aesthetic’ with iOS 14

By using Shortcuts together with custom Widgets and the App Library, you can build a totally unique home screen look. In this video Jason walks us through the steps on how to set it all up.

hp deskjet3755

Your scanner won’t work with Image Capture? Disable a network setting on your all-in-one

Trying to use a scanner on your Mac and the Image Capture app doesn’t work? Here’s a possible fix.

iphone medical id

How to set up Medical ID on your iPhone

Many iPhone features are convenient or even important, but this one can literally save your life.

photos app osx ios family macbookair ipad iphone

How to prepare your digital assets in case of death

Someone’s passing could leave their data and devices locked up forever. But there are some preparations and techniques you could try.

iphone ios14 passcode

How to recover iPhone and iPad data from a backup without the device’s passcode

For yourself or someone who has passed away, you might need this backup plan.

ios 14 maps

How to toggle location precision for apps in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

The latest OS provides even more privacy related to how closely apps can track your location.

keynote iwork 2020

How to cope with PowerPoint and Keynote limitations with videoconferencing software

It’s not you: you can’t see a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and your notes except in full-screen mode. You’d think this would be the most obvious feature in the world, but it remains absent decades into the development of both apps—and months into the pandemic.

tmobile iphone caller id

Caller ID verification could be coming to the iPhone soon

STIR and SHAKEN finally result in some truly identified Caller ID.