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ios13 macos catalina icloud photos

Understanding how iCloud Photos optimizes photo storage and keeps your originals

Apple makes it possible to have thumbnails of a much larger media collection, but always retains the full-resolution versions.

google drive photos

How to back up your Google Photos library and keep your metadata

If you want to create a full backup of your Google Photos library, you're going to lose all of your metadata. Here's how to keep it intact.


apple music

How to cancel Apple Music

You've given Apple Music a try, but it's not for you. Here's how to end your subscription.

iphone 8 plus iphone xs max

How to take and edit a screenshot on an iPhone 11 or SE

Here’s how to take a screenshot on your iPhone no matter which model you have.

viewsonic display

How to find a monitor that pivots for portrait perfection

Retailers don’t make it simple to find which displays can rotate around their axis.

apple id login screen

Do your iPhone and Mac’s country of origin need to match to work together?

You might run into issues with multiple Apple IDs based on location.

heic mac icon

How to automate changing the date and time on HEIC files

The not-quite-new format isn’t supported by some utilities for fixing photo timestamps.

macos catalina podcast icon

How to add a podcast by URL feed to Apple's Podcasts app and other apps

While it’s usually a click or tap, you may wind up with a URL you want to add manually.

vesa display stand

Monitor won’t rotate? You might be able to use a replacement stand

Your Mac might be able to rotate your display in software, but what if you hardware is fixed in place?

apple tv plus hero

Apple media sharing limits explained and why you should use Plex instead

Apple sets limits in a few directions on what you can share among people in a family or home.


How to get Peacock on your Fire TV right now

How to sideload Peacock on Fire TV while Amazon and NBCUniversal fight over money.


pro display xdr vertical

Need a portrait screen on your Mac? Rotate your display

macOS offers an option on many displays to change orientation.

ios mail app badge

Why the iOS Mail app shows a phantom unread message badge and what to do about it

If the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad is displaying phantom unread messages badge, you might have a sorting problem. Here’s how to fix it.

ios14 pip hero

How to use picture-in-picture on your iPhone in iOS 14

The iPad feature finally comes to iPhone, and it may change the way you watch videos and make FaceTime calls.

apple photos

Coping with inconsistent facial recognition in Apple Photos

Photos attaches names to images of people you identify, but doesn’t always keep them organized.