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apple id loging

How to change an Apple ID email address without access to that email address

Apple IDs use an email address to identify each user. Problems can occur when you can't access that email address anymore.

ios11 doc scan

iOS 11: The Notes app and how it works

Notes might be the most versatile app on your iPhone and iPad, and now it gets document scanning, handwriting recognition, and more.

iphone x cameras

iOS 11: HEVC, HEIF, and what you need to know about these new video and photo formats

iOS 11 uses new video and photo formats that will help save storage space. And Apple has figured out how to make sure you can use those files on non-iOS 11 devices.

ios control center three

iOS 11: How Control Center works

iOS 11's Control Center will require a little bit of adjustment for frequent users of iOS 10's Control Center. But the changes are for the better.

ios 11 devices apple

iOS 11: How to install the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system

Instructions on how to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11.


Should you keep your backup data in a safe?

Offsite and cloud-based encrypted backups will improve your peace and mind plus chances of recovery.

finger on keyboard with email icons floating out of monitor

How to stop spam emails from reaching your inbox

Spam emails can be controlled if you follow these tips. You'll soon have an inbox with the clutter under control.

ios contacts icon

How to share your contact card in iOS

A seemingly trivial task requires setup and many steps to use.

itunes 12 icon mac

iTunes 12.7: How to cope with the abrupt changes

iTunes just lost the iOS App Store and ringtone downloads, and reorganized other parts. Here's what you need to know to help ease the transition.

MacBook Pro

How to recover your files when your Mac won’t start up properly

When your Mac won't finish its startup process, how do you get access to the data? There are a few tings you can try.

iphone 6s live photos

How to copy a Live Photo from your Mac back to an iOS device

There are three ways to copy a Live Photo from a Mac to an iPhone.

numbers 3.6 mac icon

How to open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in Apple Numbers on a Mac

Numbers has the ability to open Excel files so you can work on them. You can also export spreadsheets in Numbers so that they are compatible with Excel.

pages mac icon

How to open Microsoft Word documents in Apple Pages on a Mac

Don't have a copy of Word? You can open that document in Pages, no sweat. You can then save it as a Word, file, too.

keynote icon

How to open Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Apple Keynote on a Mac

Don’t have a copy of PowerPoint? You can open that presentation in Keynote, and then you can then save it in PowerPoint format.

ipad model number 2

How to tell which iPad model you have

From a distance, you might not be able to tell two different iPad models apart. But it's easy to tell which one you have...if you know where to look.