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Working it: iPad productivity isn’t about cursors

Don’t try to make the iPad into a PC.

group facetime demo

Apple’s Group FaceTime delay is the right move. Here’s why

It can’t be easy to delay a banner feature of your next operating-system release, but when the alternative is releasing something that’s not good enough, this is the right choice.


The scam: Apple’s $1 trillion fraud

It's all bad when Apple does it.


Equivolating: Making Apple out to be bad on privacy

You have to try really hard.


Moving the goal posts: Amazon is always ahead

Did we say one trillion? We meant two trillion.

Macworld Podcast 616

Is the iPhone overpriced? Does the MacBook Pro need more ports? Audience Hot Takes on the Macworld Podcast

This week we asked viewers/listeners on Twitter for their hot takes. We picked a few and we’ll talk about them on the show. Join us with your comments and questions.

ipad pro

Digesting the rumors: Where's the iPad Pro going next?

Jason Snell takes a look at what could happen with the 2018 iPad Pro—and what he hopes won't happen.

Macworld Podcast 616

Is the iPhone worth $1,000? Is Apple too far ahead of the curve with USB-C?

This week, it’s audience hot takes on the Macworld Podcast, episode 616.


Picking the wrong horse: It’s Apple’s fault

It should have been Amazon.

Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

The iPad Pro needs more than smaller bezels to take on the Galaxy Tab S4 and Surface Go

9to5Mac has uncovered an icon in the iOS 12 beta that supposedly shows a radical new iPad Pro design. Let's hope its evolution is about more than bezels.


Thrilling trillions: Apple might actually be successful

Apple his a trillion dollar valuation despite those who bet on Amazon.


Cool runnings: Apple schools while being uncool

Somehow the company manages to survive, despite all the dire warnings.


Market sharing: The Apple Watch by the numbers

The Apple Watch's market share may be down, but the Macalope thinks it'll probably be OK.


Pattern-making: Any three Apple problems

Doesn't matter how far back you have to go, you have to connect the dots.

apple watch pexels

Looking forward to the next Apple Watch

Moving to a slightly newer Apple Watch has left Dan Moren excited about what this year’s model might bring.


Trouble ahead: The perpetual state of Apple

Always just a few months from trouble.