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What we like about Apple TV so far and what needs to improve

It’s setting up to be a big year for Apple TV and TV+, so on this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we talk about the latest news and rumors, the shows to watch, and a lot more

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If your Apple TV is losing apps, get 'em back with a $49 Google TV Chromecast

If you're missing YouTube, HBO Max, Disney+ and other streaming services that you lost on your third-gen Apple TV, a $50 Chromecast with Google TV is a much more affordable investment than an Apple TV 4K streaming box.

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Apple may be the undisputed privacy leader, but it's not doing enough

Apple trumpets its commitment to customer privacy, but it has failed to take advantage of its unique position. Apple needs to doule-down on privacy to widen its lead over the competition.


The Apple Car is already as legendary as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

The Macalope knows a big rumor when he sees one and the Apple Car is one we'll be reading about for years to come.

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What Apple Music can do to catch up with Spotify

It's time for Apple Music to get a huge upgrade--and some recently-launched Apple technologies could even allow it to surpass its rivals when it comes to audio quality.

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Once in a blue moon: Facebook is actually right about something

The Australian government is set to pass legislation that will require Facebook and other sites to pay for links to Australian news content. And that's just wrong, says the Macalope.

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What will Apple release in March? Here are our predictions

Hot Apple rumors about what we could see next month. Are there new iPads in the air? And speaking of air, what about AirTags? It’s all on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

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Wrist watching: The Apple Watch’s success story

The Macalope has seen a lot of Apple “flops” in his lifetime but none were deemed so floptastic as the Apple Watch.

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Can Apple handle the great responsibility that is the App Store?

The App Store has been a runaway success, but in hitting that high, it's opened itself up to vulnerabilities including scams and other suspect behavior.


Bad apps: Apple needs to clean up its App Store house

The Macalope: Scammy apps make a mockery of Apple's promises.

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2021 could be the year Apple fixes everything and changes its image forever

From iOS 14.5 to the rumors of a new Touch Bar-less MacBook, Apple might finally be fixing everything that’s wrong with its most popular products.

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Why Apple HomeKit can be a bigger player in the Smart Home market

Apple’s been on the front lines of the burgeoning smart home market, and it may finally be taking it up a notch.

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The Mac’s audio and AirPods support needs to be more like iOS

And now that Apple silicon is here, it's time to redefine what Sleep means, too.

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Touch Bar none: Will there be a rare Apple backtrack?

Rumors point to the Touch Bar going away. Is Apple throwing in the towel?

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If wishes were iPhones: Don’t blame the small form factor

If the iPhone 12 mini isn't selling well, Apple need only look into the mirror for the reason why.