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Unseriously: The iPhone’s supposed problem

Imagining the iPhone's troubles.


Half right: Fighting iPads with Fire

Amazon and Apple have different business models and that's OK.

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8 ways Apple can make HomePod an even better music player

HomePod sounds great, but it isn't the music authority Apple wants you to think it is. Here are eight ways Apple can make it better.

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6 improvements HomePod needs to compete

HomePod sounds great, but otherwise doesn't stack up well against other smart speakers. Here's how Apple can fix that.


Unreal: Hunting the elusive iPhone X owner

If you can't find one, just talk to anyone about it.


Double or nothing: Certain standards only get applied to Apple

For some weird reason the home speaker market is the only thing that matters.


Insufficiently good: The bad news about the iPhone X

It's selling well! Must be trouble.


Trouble ahead: Even the small products can ruin Apple

The HomePod spells big trouble for Apple.


Going wrong: The desire to fix the iPhone X

Fixing what is probably not broken.


X marks the spot: Tracking Apple’s decline

Nobody likes the iPhone X. Except for all the people buying them.

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HomePod’s biggest problem isn’t Siri, it’s that it’s too much like the original iPod

Apple is tying HomePod to its hardware and services just like it did with the iPod 15 years ago. That could be a problem.


X-tinction: The reported cancelation of the iPhone X

Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.


From hell: The Apple retail experience

It could be better so it must be the worst thing ever.

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It’s time for Apple to take a new approach to product releases

Products like the HomePod and iOS 11 are shipping without key features. It could be time for Apple to move beyond annual release cycles.


Insubstantial contributions: The iPhone X’s failure to dominate

Turns out not literally everyone wanted to buy the $1,000 phone.