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5 far-out WWDC20 predictions that might actually come true

We’ve already written about what we expect to see to see at WWDC. Now let’s talk about what we don’t expect—and why we might get it.

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WWDC Wish List: Apple Watch and watchOS 7

Watch Wishes Do Come (True). But will Apple make the ultimate Apple Watch power move?

android 11 logo

Annual Android and iOS releases are boring and they need to stop

It's time for Apple and Google to stop rolling out splashy annual upgrades for our phones while there's still some excitement left.



A hello to ARMs: The next generation of Apple tropes

The rumors of Apple switching the Mac to its own ARM processors have the Macalope reminiscing about the good ol' days.

apple wwdc2020

WWDC 2020 hopes and dreams for iOS, Macs, and more

What does Dan Moren want to see at WWDC 2020? Details on Apple's approach to ARM, iPadOS multitasking improvements, a new iOS Home screen, and more.


By any other name: Counting ports on the MacBook Pro

The Macalope says that not everyone defines "pro" the same way.

ipad pro magic keyboard

5G could make the iPad a better PC than the MacBook

With rumors that 5G is coming to the iPad next year, Apple's tablet could finally be the ultimate mobile computer.


Recognizing game: iPhone SE praise from an unexpected source

Even Android fans tip their hats.

siri lines hero

To move forward, Siri needs a lot of attention

Apple’s shown signs that it’s investing in Siri’s future, but Dan Moren thinks that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

macworld podcast logo

Your hot takes on Apple TV+, COVID-19 API, Apple AR glasses, and more

This episode of the Macworld Podcast is all about your hot takes. We’ll respond to your thoughts on Apple TV+, the Apple/Google COVID-19 API, Apple’s rumored AR glasses, and more.

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iPadOS 14 wish list: Plenty of room for improvement

The iPad is Apple’s platform with the most room to grow. Jason Snell hopes that at WWDC, the iPad continues to move forward.

face id truedepth apple

Apple can solve our Face ID mask woes by stealing one of Android’s best features

Android’s Smart Unlock is the perfect solution to the problem of Face ID not working when you’re wearing a mask.


Cheapskating: Apple’s rumored cost-cutting measure

The Macalope: If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is looking for more delightfully impish ways to cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

apple ar glasses patent illo

Looking at Apple’s AR glasses with more clarity

Rumors of an Apple smart glasses are intensifying, so Dan Moren takes a look at what exactly such a device would do and the challenges it would face.

macworld podcast logo

Apple Glass, Apple TV+ content, iOS 13.5, and more

Apple AR glasses could be close to becoming a reality. Apple TV+ could be expanding its library of content. And iOS 13.5 is here. We talk about this and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.