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apple family

The Apple family is nearly complete, but it’s missing one important thing

Apple rolled out strong family initiatives alongside its new watches and tablets last week, but there is one piece that is still missing.

iphone 11 pro adapter

Free power adapters are going away, and that’s OK

Apple’s going to stop putting USB power adapters in every box, and it’s a good thing.

macworld podcast logo

Reaction to Apple’s Time Flies event

We talk about the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, the new iPads, Fitness+, Apple One, and a lot more.

apple one rumor

5 things we want to see from an Apple One services bundle

Apple is rumored to be launched a new Apple One services bundle as soon as tomorrow. Here's what we'd hope it brings.

apple time flies logo

What to expect at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event

The first Apple event of the fall probably won’t be the last.

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Preview of Apple’s September 15 event

There’s an Apple event coming soon! Tuesday is the big day, and on this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we talk about our expectations for the event.


Let them eat FUD: Scare-mongering Apple’s chip transition

The Macalope: It's hardly time to throw your Intel-based Macs in the trash.

apple tv 4th gen 100707182 large

Does the Apple TV have a future?

Apple's set-top box is stuck in between two worlds, so does it have a future in this one?

macworld podcast logo

What can we expect from Apple for the rest of 2020?

The season of Apple product releases is about to go into high gear. We talk about what we expect to see from Apple on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.


History repeating itself: Apple could learn from Microsoft’s past

Apple's not the Microsoft of 20 years ago, but it can still learn something from that example.

Apple fall 2020 product launches: iPhone, iPad and Mac preview

Apple’s fall product launches are right around the corner. While there may not be a single big event this year, expect individual events around the release of the new 5G iPhone 12 and the first Apple Silicon Mac. Plus, be on the lookout for the refreshed iPad Air, new AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 6. Macworld senior writer Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis join Juliet Beauchamp to discuss this fall’s biggest Apple announcements and when to expect them.


Always winning: The world is Microsoft’s oyster

Will Apple’s processor transition be a boon for Microsoft?


Dynamic duo: The iPhone 12 has already lost

When it comes to products that haven't shipped yet, Microsoft wins every time.

apple logo colors 01

What’s in store (and in stores) for Apple this fall

Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means: Apple announcement season!