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Indignation nation: An unrepairable relationship with Apple

Macs may be harder to repair than they used to be, but sometimes that brings benefits.

iphone search engine

Should Apple have its own search engine?

The company's stance on privacy is at odds with the way the biggest search engines operate. Maybe there's a better way.

ipad pro pixel slate screen

5 things the iPad Pro should steal from the Pixel Slate (and 3 things it shouldn’t)

As its closest competitor, there are a few things the iPad Pro could learn from the Pixel Slate, as well as a number of things it should ignore.


Couldn’t have said it better: Rumors don’t doom Apple

The Macalope comes not to bury a piece, but to praise it.

apple tv app

How an Apple TV stick could make Apple’s video streaming service an instant hit

Expanding the Apple TV ecosystem could turn out to be key to the success of Apple’s upcoming video service.


Battery charges: Apple’s always doing it wrong

They told people and gave them options, proving they're the worst ever.

ipad multi user

The iPad, HomePod, and Apple TV need multi-user support. Here’s why

Apple seems to believe that each of its products is used by one person and one person only. Dan Moren thinks it’s time ithe company was disabused of that notion.


Pulling our leg: Google says it’s “just as secure”

The only question then is "As what?"

ipad keyboard

5 reasons iPad Pro won’t be your next computer

Apple really wants you to choose an iPad as your next computer. Here are five reasons why you should think twice.

ipad pro 2018

Top 10 iPad features we’d like to see in iOS 13

The new iPad Pro hardware is great and Apple needs to invest in upgrades for iOS to take advantage of it. Here are a few ideas for new features.

face id light

3 features from other Apple products that the Mac and iPhone need

Apple’s latest features don’t always make it to all of the company’s products. Here are three examples of tech that Dan Moren thinks should make the jump from one platform to another.

macbook air 2018

Why the MacBook Air might spell the end of configurable Macs

Apple’s approach to iPads and iPhones may dramatically change how we shop for Macs in the future.


This year’s model: MacBooks sadly get better

The nerve of Apple putting out better products every year.