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Schrödinger’s 5G: Apple is both late to and already killing us with it

The Macalope is all over a viral video that makes a bogus claim as well as an unintended claim.

kings of the castle

‘Kings of the Castle’ impressions: A gem that loses its shine too quickly

Apple Arcade’s latest release is founded on a fun, fast-paced concept, but rough edges cause it to lose its luster within minutes.

macworld podcast logo

Memories of the original iPhone event, Mac pro mode, and more

When will the 5G iPhone launch? Speaking of launches, do you remember the very first iPhone launch? All this and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

apple logo black white

It’s time for new hardware at the center of Apple’s home strategy

Jason Snell says it’s time for Apple to build a product that makes your home smarter and more secure.

imac pro catalina

How Microsoft could improve Windows by being more like Apple

As Microsoft shuts down Windows 7, it has an opportunity to move Windows into a new era—and it could take a few lessons from Apple on how to do that.


airpods pro 2019 black background

Apple, please fix active noise cancellation in the AirPods Pro

Apple's earbuds are among its hottest products right now, so why the ANC been broken for a month?


Small phone blues: Wondering if the rumors are true

2020 presents a small phone conundrum.

android vs iphone pixel camera

Please, Android phone makers, just give us better cameras, not more dumb gimmicks

2020 has barely begun and we already have out first camera gimmick of the year. Please make it stop.


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Apple’s security and privacy is good, but could be even better

As Apple becomes embroiled in another battle with the government over cybersecurity, Dan Moren argues that the company should double down on its privacy stand.

apple pay stores

For Apple Pay to really improve our lives, Apple needs to improve loyalty card support

You’re not saving any time paying with your phone if you have to pull a loyalty card out of your wallet.

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iPhone and iPad rumors, Intel’s new CPUs and Thunderbolt 4, your hot takes, and more

Will the iPad Pro get a three-lens camera? We'll talk about it, plus iPhone rumors, Apple TV+ and the Golden Globes, and your hot takes.

brydge pro keyboard ipad sizes

Why the iPad needs to embrace mice and trackpads

Support for external pointing devices in iOS 13 is very much a first draft. In doing so, the platform could reap some surprising rewards.


Pumping the brakes: Apple’s car ambitions

It's 2020. Where's the Apple Car?

morning show apple

Apple’s ‘The Morning Show’ didn’t win a Golden Globe but it’s still the best show on TV right now

Apple didn’t take home any Golden Globes hardware this year, but it’s definitely worth your streaming time.

home ios icon

In 2020, Apple is poised to push HomeKit forward

Apple’s entry into the smart home tech market has at times seemed slow, but in 2020 it may finally get some legs.