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Competition is as competition does: The AirPods advantage

AirPods are good, but does that mean competition is over?

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Folder sharing brings iCloud Drive closer to Dropbox, but there’s work left to do

Dan Moren moved to iCloud Drive from Dropbox last year, but there are still a few missing features that Apple should deliver.

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Is Apple Maps better? Plus, iPhone rumors, Mac gaming gets a boost, and more

Apple updates Apple Maps. Could we actually see a foldable iPhone in the future? GeForce Now gives Mac gaming a boost. All this and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

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Surprise! Cheaper Apple products are hits

Apple’s changing focus on services and accessories may mean more low-end buying options

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GeForce Now is probably as good as Mac gaming is going to get

Mac gaming has only gotten worse as of late. Good thing Nvidia has delivered a game streaming model that actually looks attractive.


Bad headline advice: Driving home the point with a hammer

Dramatic headlines about Apple can lead to bad advice.

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'Secret Oops!' impressions: A rare game that feels more fun in augmented reality

Help a spy get through trap-infested lairs in Apple Arcade's latest release.

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Don’t be fooled by Apple TV+’s ‘slow start’

Apple almost always starts off slow. But more often than not, it takes the lead.

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iOS 14 wishlist, Apple Q1 2020 earnings, ten years of the iPad, and more

What do we want to see in iOS 14? The iPad turned ten this week. How much money did Apple make this past quarter? All this and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

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When it comes to augmented reality, it’s glasses or bust

We have AR on our phones today and merely improving its quality won’t be enough to thrill users and drive adoption.


Complaining season: The 2020 iPhones

It’s never too early to start complaining about this fall’s iPhones.