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iPhone Audio Jacks

Apple was right about the headphone jack

Apple’s ‘courage’ to remove the headphone jack has created a brave new world.

Huawei Mate X

Hey Apple, let's get folding!

While Huawei's Mate X and Samsung's Galaxy Fold are impressive, Apple can do it better.

pac18 005

What Android phones can learn from the iPhone XR

Android fans might want to hear it, but the iPhone XR offers more value than any other phone I've used this year.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Cheap Android Phone This October

What are you really getting when you spend a thousand dollars on a new phone?

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These 3 upcoming Android phones could put the iPhone XS Max to shame

The Huawei Mate 20, Google Pixel 3, and OnePlus 6T could all beat Apple at its own game.

Macworld Podcast 616

Is the iPhone worth $1,000? Is Apple too far ahead of the curve with USB-C?

This week, it’s audience hot takes on the Macworld Podcast, episode 616.

Apple Music

Five simple ways to make Apple Music better

Apple’s music service is growing quickly, but the app still needs a little work.

iPhone 8 Mockup

iPhone 8: What to expect from Apple’s September event

Speculation about the iPhone 8 has never been more intense. Here are all the rumors you can bet on.

Apple Homepod

Why the HomePod desperately needs iOS apps

Apple not opening its HomePod to third-party apps is a missed opportunity.

Apple Airpods

How Apple can make the AirPods 2 even better

The first generation AirPods are impressive, but features like noise cancellation and intuitive controls could make them even better.