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wwdc 2018 ios mac merge

How the iPad might influence the future of the Mac interface

Jason Snell thinks it’s hard not to believe that there are some big iOS inspired changes on the horizon.


So long, iPhone: Relegating Apple’s hits to history

Apple’s line of Mac products was one trick and the so-called i-Series was third second. A third trick? No way. But The Macalope disagrees.

apple storefront logo

The future of Apple is playing well with others

As Apple bolsters its services offerings, Dan Moren thinks the company is changing its attitudes about working with partners.


A surfeit of wrong: Cold takes on iPhone demand

Including one by The Macalope.

apple amd ces

Apple should drop Intel for AMD

A transition to ARM for macOS will take years. In the meantime, AMD should supply Apple’s x86 hardware.

apple homekit contoller 2018

HomeKit was a surprise winner of CES 2019. Now Siri needs to get a whole lot better

A slew of companies announced at CES that they were signing on to support Apple’s HomeKit, including some affordable device makers. That means Siri has a chance to show the world what it can do.


From bad to worse: Bad news leads to simplistic analysis

It's bad for Apple, but it's not why some people think.

apple privacy ad

Apple’s iPhone privacy billboard is a clever CES troll, but it’s also inaccurate

Apple’s new billboard in Las Vegas touting the iPhone’s privacy features doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

iphone xs xs max

5 ways to fix slumping iPhone sales

There's no more denying it: iPhone sales are dropping. Here are five ways Apple can make sure it's a speed bump and not a free fall.


Dullsville: Nobody likes iPhones

Apple doom rising.

iphone se review mrv 010 45

2019 iOS wishlist: Better iPhone prices, smaller phones, and iPad software updates

What can Apple do to improve the iPhone, iPad, and iOS in 2019? Jason Snell has a few ideas.


Future shlock: Apple’s prospects never look good

A new year, but the same old Apple doom.

apple storefront logo

What to expect from Apple in 2019

With 2018 just about to go into the books, Dan Moren’s looking ahead at what Apple may have in store for us in the year ahead.

ipad pro side

Apple's gaslighting over bent iPads is a stunning response to a serious problem

Apple wants you to believe that bent iPads are normal—and that’s not acceptable.


Bad medicine: The Apple Watch problem

In praise of ignorance.