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iPad Pro

USB-C on the iPad Pro: What it could mean for users

If the iPad Pro adds USB-C, iOS needs to add better device support to make it work.

Macworld Podcast 625

Apple denies Chinese hacking, iPad Pro rumors, Google’s new Pixel 3

Apple denies Chinese hacking, iPad Pro rumors, Google's new Pixel 3, and your comments and questions.

iphone xs max and ipad

The iPhone XS Max is making me neglect my iPad

The beautiful 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS Max makes the iPad feel less necessary than it was before.


Zombie narratives: The Apple Watch as failure

The Apple Watch continues to flop its way to success.

homepod back white

The HomePod’s growing pains

Dan Moren's turned his HomePod into an AirPlay speaker, but he believes there's a lot more promise to the device if Apple can just figure out what it wants from it.


Nothing up my sleeve: MacBook Pro complaints

When is a complaint about the MacBook Pro not about the MacBook Pro?

apple watch series 4 complications

Why are Apple Watch faces such a mess?

The key to the watchOS user interface needs isn’t getting the attention it deserves from Apple.


Useless comparisons: A battle six years in the making

Old iPads are slower than new Kindles. Film at 11.

apple macbook pro macos mojave stocks

macOS Mojave and the future of the Mac

While one of Mojave's signature features involves running iOS apps on the Mac, Dan Moren thinks the latest macOS update proves Apple is still interested in keeping the Mac a tool for power users.

wwdc 2018 ios mac apps

Why iOS apps on the Mac will not just improve the Mac, but iOS, too

Adding features to make iOS apps more palatable to the Mac could end up making the iOS experience better, too.


Word to the wise: Apple’s always-failing strategy

Won't someone please help Tim Cook?

android 3

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Cheap Android Phone This October

What are you really getting when you spend a thousand dollars on a new phone?

Macworld Podcast

Your comments and questions about the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Our impressions of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and your comments and questions.


Small wonder: Suddenly missing the iPhone SE

If Apple did something then it must be a big mistake.


Hiding in plain sight: Apple’s iPhone strategy

Apple already knows what it's doing.