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apple watch series 3 kaleidoscope

Apple Watch Series 4 has arrived but here are 5 reasons to buy a Series 3 instead

Apple Watch Series 4 isn't just the best wearable Apple has ever made, it also has the highest entry-level price tag. Here's why the Series 3 is a much better buy.

siri icon apple website

Siri Shortcuts: Opening up Siri’s next chapter

iOS 12’s Siri Shortcuts marks a big improvement to the virtual assistant’s functionality, but Dan Moren thinks it’s just scratching the surface.


The real winner: It’s never Apple

Time for the comeback.


A total letup: The Apple Watch Series 4

Predicting an Apple Watch letdown the didn't happen.

iphone xs hands on

Forget tariffs, Apple highest luxury tax ever has already pushed prices to the breaking point

Maybe you didn't notice, but it's not just the iPhone Xs Max that's crazy expensive. Apple has raised prices on nearly every one of its new products.

idgtv jan2018 2

These 3 upcoming Android phones could put the iPhone XS Max to shame

The Huawei Mate 20, Google Pixel 3, and OnePlus 6T could all beat Apple at its own game.


Bad decisions: Judging the iPhone sight unseen

Asking people to judge the iPhone before it's announced doesn't lead to great decision-making.

iphone xs event prices schiller

The iPhone XS: An innovation dilemma

It might be the best iPhone Apple has ever made, but Dan Moren wonders if the iPhone XS signifies a slowdown in smartphone innovation.


An F grade assessment: Pre-judging Apple’s keynote

Setting expectations unreasonably high.

iphone xr colors schiller

The iPhone XR is the affordable premium iPhone we’ve always wanted

No, it’s not exactly cheap, but it doesn’t punish you for not spending a fortune, either.

ipad with macbook

4 reasons why USB-C would be awesome on the iPad Pro (and 4 reasons why it won't)

A new rumor from a very reliable source claims that Apple will be swapping out the Lightning port on the iPad Pro with a USB-C one. That could be great. Or not.


Watch this: A look back at Apple Watch commentary

Despite the commentary, the Apple Watch turned out OK.


Same time next year: Samsung’s annual winning

It happens every year like clockwork.

iPhone X

For the love of Jobs, Apple, don’t call it the ‘iPhone XS’

Apple’s new iPhones are rumored to have a name that conjures too many unwelcome connotations with ‘excess.’


The real loser: Despite the headlines, it’s not Apple

It’s not all about market share.

ap keynote 2017 wrap up steve jobs theater

Details to watch for at next week’s iPhone event

The iPhone will get all the attention, but Jason Snell says there are lots of other things to look for during Apple's presentation on September 12.