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Same time next year: Samsung’s annual winning

It happens every year like clockwork.

iPhone X

For the love of Jobs, Apple, don’t call it the ‘iPhone XS’

Apple’s new iPhones are rumored to have a name that conjures too many unwelcome connotations with ‘excess.’


The real loser: Despite the headlines, it’s not Apple

It’s not all about market share.

ap keynote 2017 wrap up steve jobs theater

Details to watch for at next week’s iPhone event

The iPhone will get all the attention, but Jason Snell says there are lots of other things to look for during Apple's presentation on September 12.


The fine print: Defining an iPhone problem

Making mountains out of mole hills.


Save Apple, win big prizes: Trying to understand Apple’s plan

It's not making a super-large and expensive phone to push volume.

apple carplay 2018

Just say no to Apple Car: Apple hasn't shown us that it's ready

Getting into the automotive industry would require Apple to make big changes to its culture and image.

apple round question

10 things Apple could be trying to tell us with the iPhone 'Gather round' invitation

Apple has sent out invitations to its September 12 iPhone event, and we have thoughts about what it could mean.


Reading the tea leaves: Technologies Apple might be interested in

Apple’s always got ideas up its sleeve, and Dan Moren has taken a look at a handful of technologies the company might be interested in.


By way of comparison: Apple scared, Samsung innovative

No matter what happens, that's the constant point of view.

Macworld Podcast 619

Apple’s A12 CPU, Apple All Access, Audience Hot Takes

Thoughts on Apple’s upcoming A12 processor, what if Apple had an All Access plan, hot takes from the audience, and your comments and questions.

macbook air 13 2017

What does the future hold for Apple’s MacBook Air?

If you take a recent Bloomberg report under consideration, it looks like the MacBook Air could be at its end. Jason Snell explains.


Alternate reality: Where Apple is behind on AR

It’s not in this universe.


Playing favorites: The advantages of iOS and Android

Just listing one platforms problems isn't very helpful.