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A close look at the MacBook Air

Apple’s new MacBook Air is here. We put it through its paces, and we talk about Apple latest laptop on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

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Ten years of the iPad: Some things never change

A decade later the original iPad is retro, but the iPad platform still feels like the future.


The iPhone buying conundrum: Outlook hazy

The Macalope’s iPhone is four years old, but he’s content to wait for a new phone. But wait for what? And how long?

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Three ways Apple could improve FaceTime

With all of us relying on video chat more than ever, Dan Moren thinks Apple could stand to update its offering.

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Apple is doing a lot to help during the coronavirus pandemic. It could be doing more

Apple has stepped up in a big way as the coronavirus continues its relentless spread around the world, but there are two big steps it has taken yet.

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Wish lists for the MacBook Air and iPad Pro, and more

Apple may have released a new MacBook Air and iPad Pro, but they’re still missing features that we want. That and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

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Why I spent a bundle on a Wi-Fi 6 router for my work-from-home setup: Speed, speed, speed

You might balk at buying a high-end Wi-Fi 6 router because they cost so much than Wi-Fi 5 models, but you'll find it's worth the investment.



Copy cats: How the iPad got where it is

Did Apple copy the Surface? It depends on how you look at it, says The Macalope.

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Should MacBooks have USB-A ports?

Sometimes embracing future technologies comes at the expense of the present, and customers lose.

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Apple’s new MacBook Air addresses most of our complaints (but not all)

With a fixed keyboard, improved CPU, and better price, there’s a lot to like about the new Air.

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5 more features Apple should have added to the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro brings a mess of new features that users have been dying for, but there are still some that it leaves off.

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Apple Arcade is already straying from its original promise

Half a year in, Apple’s subscription-based gaming service is embracing its mobile heritage, for better or for worse.


Bad news roundup: Evaluating Apple’s current rough patch

Apple’s stock is down on bad news for the economy due to the coronavirus. But don't worry about Apple.

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With iOS 14, it’s time for Apple to improve its messaging

iMessage is one of Apple’s most used features, and Dan Moren thinks iOS 14 is a good time to give it a boost.

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Cursors on the iPad? Bring them on

The iPad's strength is in its adaptability. Adding true mouse support will only add to its power.