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iphone 11 pro adapter

Apple removing the iPhone 12 power adapter wouldn't be courageous. It’s just mean

A new rumor says that the iPhone 12 won't include a power adapter in the box and that's not cool.

apple stage logo wwdc20

What WWDC20 tells us about where its device roadmap is going

There are always hints, if you look closely enough.

IDG TechTalk: WWDC reaction, exciting iOS 14 updates

From Apple Silicon to App Library, Car Key and sleep tracking, Juliet, Mike and Ken rehash the event and dive into the features they’re most looking forward to using. Also, we apologize for the quality of the video... working through some technical difficulties. We'll have it perfected next time.

apple wwdc2020

Six things we learned at WWDC about future Apple products (other than the Mac)

We didn’t get any new hardware at WWDC, but we did learn some things about the next iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

android vs ios widgets

How iOS 14 stole features from Android—and made them so much better

Apple has borrowed many Android features in iOS 14 but iPhone users aren’t going to care. Why? Because everything is so much better.


arm mac maya

You shouldn’t buy a new Mac right now

After what Apple showed at WWDC, you’d be crazy to buy a new Mac right now.


Hey there: Apple’s public fight with one developer

The App Store rules and Apple’s selective interpretation cause a pre-WWDC dustup.

wwdc2020 developer logo

WWDC20: What not to expect

There are any number of things that Apple might show off this week, but Dan Moren has picked a few that he thinks won’t make the cut.

apple wwdc20 unicorn

5 far-out WWDC20 predictions that might actually come true

We’ve already written about what we expect to see to see at WWDC. Now let’s talk about what we don’t expect—and why we might get it.

apple watch series 5 gold aluminum case pomegranate band and space gray aluminum case pine green ba

WWDC Wish List: Apple Watch and watchOS 7

Watch Wishes Do Come (True). But will Apple make the ultimate Apple Watch power move?

android 11 logo

Annual Android and iOS releases are boring and they need to stop

It's time for Apple and Google to stop rolling out splashy annual upgrades for our phones while there's still some excitement left.



A hello to ARMs: The next generation of Apple tropes

The rumors of Apple switching the Mac to its own ARM processors have the Macalope reminiscing about the good ol' days.

apple wwdc2020

WWDC 2020 hopes and dreams for iOS, Macs, and more

What does Dan Moren want to see at WWDC 2020? Details on Apple's approach to ARM, iPadOS multitasking improvements, a new iOS Home screen, and more.


By any other name: Counting ports on the MacBook Pro

The Macalope says that not everyone defines "pro" the same way.

ipad pro magic keyboard

5G could make the iPad a better PC than the MacBook

With rumors that 5G is coming to the iPad next year, Apple's tablet could finally be the ultimate mobile computer.