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white paper | Presented by Neustar Inc

The Case for Secondary DNS

Before October 21, 2016, the prevailing wisdom was that companies could rely on one DNS provider to keep their digital presence online. But on the 21st, things changed; a DNS provider was struck by a massive DDoS attack, crippling its service and causing intermittent outages for the brands that used it. The rules of the game changed.Today's successful digital strategies should include a secondary DNS solution.

white paper | Presented by Neustar Inc

Why DNS Matters in a Connected World

For many, the domain name system (DNS) is the most effective - yet underutilized - tool to achieve network efficiency and security. Whether it's maximizing your authoritative DNS strategy to direct traffic to your website, or getting the most out of your recursive DNS solution to filter content on your network, chances are your DNS is an underutilized asset. But it doesn't have to remain that way.

white paper | Presented by Sophos

A Coming Flood or a Distant Storm? The GDPR from a North American Perspective

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legislative framework valid across all the European Union (EU) states, replacing a patchwork of country-specific legislations. It is a law that is designed to strengthen the privacy and protect data for individuals across all the EU countries by requiring companies to adopt new data protection processes and controls.

white paper | Presented by Sophos

Firewall Best Practices to Block Ransomware

Recent ransomware attacks like Wanna and Petya have spread largely unchecked through corporate networks in recent months, extorting money to restore your data and regain control of your computers. Modern firewalls are purpose-built to defend against these kinds of attacks, but they need to be given an opportunity to do their job.

white paper | Presented by Sophos

Standing Up to Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking has erupted onto the cybercrime scene in recent months, thanks to the surge in value during 2017 of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. Crooks are aggressively targeting servers and even whole networks in order to mine for cryptocurrency on other people's computers. Simply put, you pay for the electricity and hardware, and they pocket the rewards. Read this paper to learn how to fight back!

video/webcast | Presented by Sophos

Stop Unknown Threats with Intercept X

With 75% of malware unique to a single organization, you need to detect never-seen-before threats now. Download this on demand webcast to see how Intercept X leverages multiple advanced techniques, including deep learning, anti-ransomware and anti-exploit technology, to stop both known and unknown malware, dead.

white paper | Presented by Sophos

Testing Endpoint Security Guide

No organization can afford ineffective endpoint security that fails to provide protection against the broad spectrum of rapidly evolving real-world threats. In the interest of helping organizations to perform thorough measurements of the effectiveness of endpoint security products, we have put together this Testing Guide to provide guidance on what to look for in an endpoint protection solution.

white paper | Presented by Jamf

Modern Device Management: Mac Alongside Windows

The rise of employee-choice programs, and the resulting growth of Apple in the enterprise, introduces new challenges and unknowns for previously Windows - dominated environments. This report outlines how Mac and Windows devices, tools and infrastructure can be integrated to deliver a more secure and productive environment.

white paper | Presented by Jamf

Security Considerations for Apple in the Enterprise

This white paper addresses common security discussions and explains what organizations need to know about the Apple platform, so that internal teams are well educated about security best practices before bringing Apple devices into their environment.