Apple Watch review: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Macworld | May 8, 2015

The Apple Watch excels as a fitness tracker and remote control, but it's hampered by app loading times and home screen clutter.

The Apple Watch sure does look great on my arm, and for the most part I like using it. But there are a few things about it that drive me up the wall. Time for some real talk about the Apple Watch: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good

I find this more motivating than my Fitbit or my Jawbone, because my progress is right on my wrist, and I like having three daily goals to work for.
Turn by turn navigation on Maps lets you turn off the annoying voice prompts in the car, and still be alerted when you have to turn.
Remote app is great for controlling the Apple TV. You can use it just like the physical remote, and even navigate the menus without looking. Can’t wait to control more with it as HomeKit devices hit the market.

The bad

It’s so slow!
Performing tasks on my wrist like setting a timer, finding out the weather, and answering a text sure is convenient. But it’s not exactly fast.
Siri is hit or miss.
I’ve had the best results pressing the Digital Crown to invoke Siri. Saying Hey Siri should work too but it can be fiddly. Try just launching right into your query.
Home screen clutter
You can’t hide built in apps from the home screen, just push them off to the edges. With such a small home screen this seems like a shame.

The ugly

Just kidding! This thing isn’t ugly at all. Sure it’s a little thick and I do like the look of the circular Android Wear watches. But Apple doesn’t do ugly, and the Apple Watch is simply gorgeous.