Getting started with iPad multitasking in iOS 9

IDG.TV | Sep 16, 2015

Open two apps simultaneously? iOS 9 is turning the iPad into a powerful multitasking machine.

iOS 9 is turning the iPad into more than just that thing you use to watch Netflix in bed. The software update brings new features to help you multitask on your tablet. And hopping from app to app has never been this much fun.

Want to check if you’ve received an important email? Simply swipe from the right and Slide Over another app like Mail, Safari and Notes. This works best for casual multitasking, like quickly replying to a text or double-checking directions on a map. Because once you Slide Over, don’t expect much from the main app in the background. It just freezes and dims down.

Slide Over slides over to Split View. Simply drag the divider between the two apps to the center of the screen, and just like that you’ve got two apps working simultaneously. Browse travel guides in Safari while you make your dream travel bucket-list in Notes – all without leaving either app.

Apple knows that multitasking on the iPad doesn’t mean all work and no play. Sometimes you just want to watch Cartoon Network while reading your email. That’s where Picture-in-Picture comes in. While watching a video in full screen, click on the Home button to scale down the video player without pausing or skipping. The floating video screen becomes an overlay so you can open and use other apps.

With iOS 9, soon you’ll be able to use your iPad to jump from app to app without losing your train of thought, or missing your favorite episode of the X-Men animated series. For more on this hands-on, read my article on