5 awesome high-tech toys your kids will love

IDG.TV | Nov 20, 2015

From robots who teach STEM skills to a tablet just for them, these gifts will be a huge hit with your kids (and with you) this holiday season.

The BB-8 by Sphero rolls out of Star Wars: Force Awakens and into your heart.

This little droid can whiz around at 5mph, controlled by your phone.

And he’s just adorable standing still.

Say “OK, BB-8” and then give him voice commands.

Tell him, “It’s a trap!” and he runs away.

BB-8 is definitely the droid your kids are looking for.

BB-8 * $150 * sphero.com/bb8
Dash and Dot want to be your kid’s robot BFF…

…while teaching them basic coding concepts.

By linking behaviors together, kids learn how to program.

Dash can sing, dance, talk, and of course roll.

Dot can play handheld games like Hot Potato

Multiple apps let kids level up their skills, with tons of help along the way.

What kid wouldn’t love her very own robot?

Dash & Dot * $150 & $50 * makewonder.com
The LeapFrog Epic is a 7-inch Android tablet with a just-for-kids experience.

Each kid gets an account, so everything is tailored to their age and ability.

The fun starts right on the customizable home screen.

Parents can choose which apps each kid can see…
…and set strict time limits

Kids love the integrated stylus, and taking photos and selfies with dual cameras.

And it’s tough enough to survive some roughhousing.

LeapFrog Epic * $140 *

The Airborne Night minidrone is more kid-friendly than Parrot’s bigger drones.

And you can toss it in the air to bring it to life.

Control with your smartphone or tablet.

It can hover higher or lower, turn, and fly up to 11 mph!

Adjustable headlights let you fly at night.

At only 9 minutes per flight, the noise won’t drive you TOO crazy. We hope.

Airborne Night MiniDrone * $130 * parrot.com

Anki Overdrive is not your father’s slot car race.

These little cars are AI-controlled robots that drive themselves around the track.

Use your phone to control their speed and change lanes.

Race around blasting other cars with fake weapons.

Up to 4 rechargeable cars can play, controlled by humans or the AI.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit * $150 * anki.com