The best gifts for creating a smart home

IDG.TV | Nov 23, 2015

The gifts in this guide will help anyone transform their home into a high-tech oasis.

The Logitech Harmony Elite can control your entire smart home—not just your TV.

It automatically detects the devices on your Wi-Fi network.

Use physical buttons or the touchscreen.

Activities turn on the appropriate devices, set your mood lighting, and more. Turn on your TV or hi-fi system and dim the lights with a single button press.

The touchscreen makes it easy to tune to your favorite channels.

It’s the one remote to rule them all.

Logitech Harmony Elite * $350 *


Amazon Echo is at your beck and call.

Just say “Alexa” and tell it what you need.

Play your favorite music.

Dim the lights.

Check sports scores.

The Echo can do all that and more. Just ask!

Amazon Echo * $180 *

Put a Hiku in your kitchen for maximum shopping efficiency.

Scan an item to put it on your mobile or online shopping list (PeaPod or Wal-Mart Grocery).

Use Hiku’s voice recognition for produce and other items that don’t have scan codes.

When you buy the product, just swipe right to remove it. Hiku’s got your back.

Multiple users can share one list, which syncs automatically.

Save money by reducing impulse buys at the grocery store.

Hiku * $49 *

With Philips’ Hue Wireless Dimming Kit, you don’t need a smartphone to control smart lighting.

It mounts to the wall just like any other dimmer switch

Turn compatible bulbs on and off. You can dim them, too.

Pull the remote from its dock. Now you’ve got control anywhere.

The kit works with up to 10 Philips Hue bulbs, color or soft-white.

One drawback: The dimmer controls all the lights at once; you can’t control them individually.
It’s a cheap and easy entrée to the connected home.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit * $40 *


When you need to keep an eye on the home front, the Nest Cam is ready.

A robust hinge lets you adjust the camera’s angle to provide the best view.
Catch a thief in the act

Infrared LEDs enable Nest Cam to capture video even in complete darkness.

With a built-in mic and speaker enable, the Nest Cam doubles as an intercom.

You get killer 1080P resolution. Most other cams do 720P.

Best of all: Nest Cam is supremely easy to set up.

Nest Labs Nest Cam * 199 *