Killer gifts every PC gamer will want

IDG.TV | Nov 23, 2015

News flash: Gamers want more than Shasta cola and a Rush mix tape. These five killer gifts will make any PC gamer gush

ThinkGeek’s Star Trek Door Chime is perfect for 23rd century nerds.

Motion sensors detect carbon-based lifeforms.

You can also set the sensor for a red alert.

It does the Communicator whistle too.

Bridge, this is the Captain. Is Yeoman Rand free tonight?

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime * $29 *


ThinkGeek’s Star Trek PJs can spice up any TV night.

Complete with Starfleet insignia...

Piping on the cuff...

And even comfy drawstring pants.

There’s a matching ladies sleep shirt too.

So get out that fanfic you published on Usenet in 1996.

Star Trek PJs * $40 & $30 *


iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit is the toolset every hardware nerd needs.

54 pieces help dissect every mobile device imaginable.

There are even tweezers, spudgers and a suction cup.

No phone, tablet or laptop can defy it.

Pro Tech Tool Kit * $65 *


Give the gift of light with the Fenix PD25.

The PD25 puts out up to 525 lumens of blinding light. When necessary.

Five output modes. On medium, it runs up to nine hours.

There’s even a strobe.

Fenix PD25 * $56 *

Air Hog’s Millennium Falcon Quad is the fastest hunk of styrofoam in the galaxy.

It’s the ship that did the Kessel Run in a bazillion parsecs...

And can fly up to 200 feet away.

There’s even a hyper-drive button. And lights.

Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quad * $99 *


This Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping bag smells worse on the inside.

But it’ll keep you warm when you get booted from the bedroom.

Yes, you will go to the Dagobah system.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag * $150