The best gifts for tech-savvy cooks

IDG.TV | Nov 24, 2015

This list of cooking gadgets will turn any kitchen into a smart kitchen.

The Pantelligent is a Bluetooth-enabled skillet with a built-in temperature sensor.

Pick your recipe in its iOS app, and follow the in-app instructions.

The app tells you how long to cook—all based on pan temperature.

Keep it in range. Cook times adjust accordingly.

It will even tell you when to flip or stir!

Works with any gas range or electric stove.

The results are delicious.

Pantelligent * $199 *

The Click and Grow is the herb garden for people who hate gardening.

Just pick which herbs you want to plant, add water, and plug it in.

The built-in grow light adjusts its cycle to promote growth.

Within a few weeks: All the fresh herbs.

Click and Grow * $60 *

Sous vide sounds fancy, but Anovoa’s Precision Cooker Wi-Fi is anything but.

The app shows all your key cooking stats.

It even shows the status of your cook.

Enjoy perfect temperature control—like a hot tub for your eggs, salmon, steak, and other noms.

Just put your recipe in a ziplock bag, and don’t come back until it’s done!

Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi * $199 *

Cookies, anyone? The Drop Scale is a baker's best friend.

Put a mixing bowl on the scale, pick a recipe on its iPhone or iPad app, and get to work.

Drop walks you through the recipe and shows you the exact weight of your ingredients.

...just make sure your hands aren’t covered in flour before you touch your iPhone!

Oh yeah, and the app has cocktail recipes, too. Cheers!

Drop Scale* $100 *

Supermechanical’s Range Thermometers will make sure you hit the right temperature.

Grill steak, chicken, or fish however you like, and the Range will tell you when it’s safe to eat.

The app will alert you if the temp gets too high or too low.

The cow says, “I’m medium-rare.”

Supermechanical Range * $70; or $130 for set of two *

Mr. Coffee’s Smart Optimal Brew lets you start your morning coffee from wherever you are.

Set brew times for every day of the week in the Wemo app.

Notifications for fresh coffee? Now that’s innovation.

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew with Wemo * $180 *