This autonomous tractor is a four-wheeled farmer

IDG News Service | Sep 29, 2016

New Holland's autonomous tractor can work round-the-clock and be controlled remotely through a tablet or desktop computer.

New Holland’s concept autonomous tractor is a four-wheeled farmer

The NHDrive looks like a regular tractor but can work with or without a driver

Farmers can remotely operate the tractor using a tablet or desktop computer

and receive up to four real time views from the tractor’s cameras

Through an app, farmers can monitor their tractor’s progress

and modify its path based on changing weather conditions

A combination of radar and LiDAR range detecting systems

allow the tractor to detect obstacles in the field

and alert farmers when an obstruction is detected

so that they can remotely approve a rerouted path

The tractor’s release is a part of New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader initiative

which aims to maximize farming efficiency and productivity