Quantix is a data driven drone

IDG News Service | Nov 18, 2016

Aerovironment's Quantix drone can cover 400 acres of land in under an hour, gathering data which can then be analyzed using the company's cloud service.

Track 1: AeroVironment is making the transition from the battlefield to the produce field with its new Quantix drone.

Track 2: AeroVironment prides itself on being a top supplier of unmanned aircraft to the military, but the company’s newest drone is aimed at the civilian market.

Track 3: Using a combination of RGB and multi-spectral imagery, the drone can scan 400 acres of land in under an hour. The images can be viewed on the custom tablet included with the drone, and then analyzed through a cloud service called DSS.

“somebody can collect the data, they can process the data in our DSS, and they can run a variety of analytics that will help them discern much more valuable insights into their operations than are otherwise possible to gain.”

Track 4: Though the data the drone collects may be complex, Gitlin says they didn’t want the process to be complex.

“We learned from our customers that they don’t wanna become drone experts. They just wanna run their businesses

Track 5: Quantix takes off and lands vertically, but flies horizontally, giving the drone a large range of operation. To launch the vehicle, users draw a line around the area that they want surveyed and press a button on the tablet.

Track 6: Drone operation is still restricted by the FAA’s visual line of sight requirement, but Gitlin says that if the laws are loosened, the vehicles would be capable of covering more than 40 miles of land in less than an hour, something that would be very useful in inspecting pipe and power lines.

Track 7: Quantix will be available in the spring of 2017. The price has not yet been set.