Anyone can command these live streaming bots via chat room

IDG News Service | Apr 17, 2017

Bay area start-up, Let's Robot, is letting anyone control it's robotic fleet using commands entered in a Twitch chat room.

Track 1: A Bay area start-up is putting the fate of robots in the hands of virtual masters.

(Nat - Jill): “Hi my name is Jill Ogle and I’m founder and CEO of Let’s Robot and we make robots
controlled by the internet.”

Track 2: While khaleesi may be the mother of dragons, the title of mother of live streaming robots goes to Jill.

Track 3: The homemade contraption she’s wearing allows Jill to keep an eye on the continuous Twitch chat room stream, though which users input commands for her robot flock. So remote users can do things like move the robot in a certain direction or change the color of its LED lights.

02:35 “When I started I wanted to make the world’s first live interactive show where the audience is sort of in control and can decide where to go and what to do. And I started by making dungeons and labyrinths in my living room.”

Track 4: Jill’s idea has since grown to include 10,000 active users. These mysterious masters manipulate the robots as if they were gaming avatars to complete different missions or explore environments. There are even boss fights.

Track 5: But Jill has even bigger aspirations for her project.

3SOT (Jill) – “We want to be able to scale the experience from an intimate group of friends to a museum tour group to like a large group of adoring fans, so if Paris Hilton wanted a pet robot avatar for her fan base, she could totally do that.”

Track 6: But even if Paris Hilton doesn’t take Jill up on her offer, she says the robots could also be used in situations that are too dangerous for humans or for things like newscasts.

Track 7: Let’s Robot operates on an open API meaning that anyone can hook up their own robot to the system. But for those of us who may not be robotics specialists, Jill says they’re also developing a robot to sell.

Track 8: So brush off your keyboard, and get ready to go on a robotic adventure.